Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How Ben Gummer is impressing Ipswich

Margaret Thatcher once said that Power/Being a Leader is like being a Lady, if you have to tell people you are, then you're not one!

Well David Ellesmere seems to be getting other people to do his work for him with a little bit of help from our local left wing paper, endeavouring to create an atmosphere of worried Tories about Ben Gummer's chances in the next election! It doesn't fool those of us who are pretty good at reading between the lines and know too well the tactics of the administration.

Apparently someone has written a letter in todays Ipswich Star, who is not on the electoral roll for Ipswich (so I've been told but I have not verified this myself) and could very well be someone we know connected to the Labour party. Their theory is that Ellesmere (as apposed to Ben,) has a positive approach to Ipswich.

Well this is news to me! And unlike the reader who probably doesn't live in Ipswich and may very well live in Norwich, I am not hiding anywhere. 

The truth is I have been hearing only good things on the doorstep from local residents. Not only this, they have come from labour supporters too. Now that's a scarcity in itself.

So Mr Geater et al, we are not in habit of looking at elections negatively or are we unduly worried. We will never be complacent but here are some of the things I have been told on the doorstep in the last week;

'I have to say how impressed I am with Ben Gummer, he really cares about Ipswich'

'I am a labour voter but I have to admit that Ben Gummer is a really good man'

'I am so impressed with Ben. He came round to see me and that is the first time ever I have seen my local MP'

'That Ben Gummer is a bright young man, isnt he? he really works hard'

'I see Ben and what he does for Ipswich in the papers all the time. Tell him to keep up the good work'

And there were more like that.

So whoever you really are Bradley, you had better get yourself on the electoral roll if you want to be able to vote for Ellesmere. or perhaps you need to move to Ipswich.
He's going to need your vote!

And Mr Geater - pray tell me who told you we were worried or is that made up too? Just saying!

One day the people of Ipswich will get to know the truth about the literature, PR and letters in Ipswich Star, from the labour group. With the exception of very few excellent labour councillors, who I really do respect and have affection for,  I have long given up on the integrity of their leader and their tactics..

so Ipswich people. Do some homework and find out who really is looking out for you in this town or who is just trying to get your votes. 

When Ben is doing such a good job, why would you go anywhere else?