Tuesday, 23 December 2014

What has an Anchovy, Mobile, Mini skirt and Christmas got in Common?

I learnt many years ago to keep an open mind about everything, and I'd like to think that the lesson shows itself in the way I am open to new ideas, people, their behaviour and beliefs by listening, learning and acting accordingly.

I learnt this valuable lesson from the above ingredients in my title because i was so adamant about how I felt about them, at the time. Let me explain:

Anchovies - I loathed these with a passion when I was a child, in fact even as a teenager. My father loved them and I thought he was seriously mad. Not only do I adore them now but if I fancy them, I have to go to the supermarket and get some in the very next shop.

Mobile phones - I remember in the late 90's getting a phone call from a mobile salesman and I said
'I do not have a mobile phone, never wanted a mobile phone and will never want a mobile phone'. Yeah, exactly!

Mini skirts - I have fallen in and out of love for these things since I was 14, vowing never to wear them again once I reached my 30's thinking they looked cheap, only to find myself wearing them again literally a few months later, and then going off them again. Suffice to say there comes an age when you just can't wear them but I still love them!

And so it is with Christmas. When i was a single parent, I had several years of waking up on my own, without even my son, on christmas day - such is the nature of split families, But at least in my story I got to be with him from 11am onwards when I would pick him up from his father's and take him to my family.

Christmas really exaggerates how one feels when one is without a partner and for many years I dreaded and hated it. I just used to make the most of it and knew that so many people were much worse off than I was,  I would dwell on such loneliness of others, which only added to my feelings that Christmas wasn't what it was cut out to be.In fact was an expensive way to feel miserable and stressed!

Then I met my second hubby and although it became a far more magical time, it took me several years to grow to love it again, because I couldn't shake off the feeling that so many lonely people must be feeling as i used to, at that time.

Now that I have grandchildren, I love Christmas and made the conscious decision that I would enjoy it without any feelings of guilt. I'd spent my lonely times and that is life but it is up to each of us to make the most of our lovely family times, relishing the children while they are young enough to believe in Father Christmas..

Christmas is about hope and as I have said, past poisons can become present medicines so never lose faith and hope that your year will be a better one or an even better one!

I rarely say Never now..

Christmas is the time for reflection, gratitude and giving.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wind Turbine Success for Ipswich Residents!

I'm pleased to report that councillors at Babergh agreed with the officers recommendations and refused permission for PfR to build a huge wind turbine on the site overlooking SW Ipswich at Pannington.

Despite the fact the many people support renewable energy, I think most would agree that the site needs to be appropriate. I love seeing them blowing majestically in the sea - but on land where the nearest house would be just a few hundred meters away it is not in the right context.

I attended the meeting in Hadleigh on behalf of my residents in StokePpark - the only Ipswich borough councillor to do so other than Andrew Caan who was there as an Ipswich Spy reporter alongside Ben.
They will report on this much better than I can, as they have filmed the whole meeting and will no doubt print a full report.

So to my residents in Stoke Park who voted overwhelmingly against this, in a survey from Ben Gummer MP and myself, and helped to change the outcome -


Friday, 12 December 2014

Local Plan consultation - Drop In dates

I did ask at executive that we were as pro-active as possible on the consultation - this is a good start but needs to attract.

If you can make some of the dates below, please do try to attend the drop-ins

A further round of public consultation started today on the new Local Plan for Ipswich.
The Local Plan will set the framework for how Ipswich is set to develop in the future – so if you want to find out more about proposed sites for housing and employment, as well as plans to protect and enhance Ipswich’s assets, this is your opportunity.
The Local Plan is made up of two documents – the Core Strategy and Site Allocations.
The Borough Council has doubled the length of the consultation period to 12 weeks as it wants to gather as many opinions as possible on the documents, which will help to determine how future planning applications are dealt with.
Consultation on draft versions of the two plans took place earlier this year but the Council has now reached the “proposed submission stage”, which means these are the versions of the Core Strategy and Site Allocations documents that it wishes to adopt.
The Council is holding a number of drop-in public sessions during January and February:
·         Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st January (11am- 4pm) at the Town Hall (Pickwick Room);
·         Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th January (11am to 4pm) at Ipswich Sports Club, Henley Road;
·         Wednesday 11th February (3pm – 8pm) at The Meeting Place, Limerick Close;
·         Thursday 12th February (3pm – 8pm) at All Hallows Church Hall, Landseer Close;
·         Friday 13th February (3pm – 8pm) at Colchester Road Baptist Church;
·         Tuesday 17th February (3pm – 8pm) at St Peter’s Church, Stoke Park Drive
·         Friday 20th and Saturday 21st February (11am – 4pm) at the Town Hall (Pickwick Room).
Following the consultation the documents will be submitted to the Planning Inspector next summer with a view to adopting them later in 2015.
All the documents and details of how you can respond can be found at www.ipswich.gov.uk/consultationsThere are also copies at Ipswich libraries, at the Town Hall and in the Council’s offices at Grafton House, Russell Road, IP1 2DE.
All representations must be received by the Council by 5pm on Thursday 5th March 2015.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Most Stupid Comment of the week Award goes to:

.....Ken Livingstone - for this

The last sentence - In actual fact......? Oh, is it now?

In actual fact? - He's measured all of this has he? He has correlated all the things that happened 30 years ago to all the things that have happened today? I'd love to see how he has done this. Priceless.

I must admit - at first I was angry at this dreadful statement about a past Prime Minster who had to take over a dreadfully drab, awful, poor country being brought to it's knees by the unions. Especially as she is no longer here to defend herself. It's quite vile in my opinion.

He has no idea, like the rest of us what would've happened had she not come into power and put the unions in their place - but most of us can take a good guess.

Then I had a good chuckle - Socialists are masters at blaming anything that's remotely blue, anything and anyone but themselves. Where Tories see opportunities and look for solutions, socialists see only the problems and someone else to solve it for them.

My loathing of socialism is no big secret and I try to take away the politics from the person but Ken is just one of the most unlikeable left wing politicians in my time.

This is the real truth:

The Trouble with the Westminster Left is that they’ve never forgiven Margaret Thatcher for becoming the first female Prime Minister. They will never have that accolade and no-one can ever take it away from her. She didn't need feminism to bang on, on her behalf - she was formidable, passionate and one of the last who truly cared about the country and it's people, whether you agreed with her or not. And they hate this.

Her achievements are well recognised, her legacy a great one – she rescued this country and was one of the best Prime Ministers ever.

Message to Ken Livingstone – Mrs T has achieved more in the last year, since her death, than you ever will. Retire from talking and enjoy yourself...

Monday, 1 December 2014

HMS Quorn freedom march through Ipswich town centre

Ipswich welcomed the commanding officer and crew of HMS Quorn as up to 2,000 people cheered and waved flags during a special freedom march and parade.


The Royal Navy warship is affiliated to Ipswich and was granted the Freedom of Entry to the Borough in 2011. On Sunday, the ship's company "exercised their right" to march through the town, led by the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines. Cadets and the Royal British Legion also assisted.


The Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Bill Quinton, welcomed Lt Cdr Stuart Yates to the Cornhill and then inspected the crew of the mine hunter before they marched through the town centre, cheered on by a crowd who stopped their Christmas shopping to enjoy the stirring spectacle.


The freedom march was the culmination of a five-day visit to Ipswich by HMS Quorn. 

And it was fab!