Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Refugee Crisis and the Dangerous Game we are in

The Government has announced that the UK will work with the UNHCR on a new initiative to resettle unaccompanied refugee children from Syria and the surrounding region.
Yes - it's that simple.
The crisis in Syria and events in the Middle East, North Africa and beyond has separated a large number of refugee children from their families. That is why they have asked the UNHCR to identify the exceptional cases where a child’s best interests are served by resettlement to the UK and help us to bring them here.
This builds on our commitment to resettle 20,000 Syrians during this Parliament, through the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Programme, and our pledge of over £1.1 billion in humanitarian aid to Syria and neighbouring countries, making us the second largest bilateral donor after the US.
This is a measured and intelligent approach and the likes of Labourites and Corbynites who think we should just dive in to take unaccompanied children straight from Europe, are using emotional blackmail as their propaganda. 
Are the children alone in Syria, where the UHNCR will be able to identify the tailored needs of each one, any less deserving than those in Europe?  Absolutely not.  
So typical of Labour - had it been the other way round they would be moaning about that too.
And as for the word 'bunch' - well I'm sorry but I am losing sympathy fast for the grown men at Calais causing mayhem and misery - France being an equally civilised country as our own is not good enough for them - and the anarchists have taken over the asylum. Corbyn thinks he has found his USP - sorry Jeremy the country isn't with you there but you just carry on.
Quite frankly I'm disgusted by the left twitterati who spend more time on their backsides moaning on twitter about a bit of language rather than doing something useful. Most of us have already got a bucketful of stuff to worry about not least of all the infiltration of terrorists (and I bet there's quite a few of them at Calais so frustrated at not reaching our shores as easily as Merkel's now very new and unrecogniseable country). 
Now THAT is when language REALLY mattered - shouting her big mouth off about how many Germany were willing to take, in a kneejerk emotional outburst is going to cost her country dearly and the rest of Europe will follow. I will never forgive her and nor will all those wowen subjected to abuse, attacks and disrespect.
AND IT WAS SO OBVIOUS that terrorists were going to use that route in their thousands - except for the few and the Left who might be clever but logic goes out of the window when it is defending the EU and all it's horrible socialist experiments.
Country I implore you - VOTE OUT - if the EU doesn't collapse before then under the weight of it's own corrupt, poisonous and egotistical head. 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Help Council plan Ipswich town's future

 People can have their say on draft planning documents about Ipswich buildings of local importance and open spaces in the town.

The two Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) will help the Borough Council to take decisions on planning applications.

The Council adopted the Local List (Buildings of Townscape Interest) SPD in 2013. This recognises the importance of buildings that are not listed nationally but are valued locally. There are eight new buildings in the draft SPD and residents have an opportunity to comment on them.

The SPD will also help the Council to preserve and enhance the historic fabric and special character of the town.

The draft Public Open Space SPD replaces older guidance on open space and children’s play areas, covering a wide range of open spaces, including parks and gardens, wildlife spaces, children’s play areas, outdoor sports facilities and allotments. This document will help to guide how much open space is needed in new developments.

Councillor Carole Jones, the Borough Council’s Planning portfolio-holder, said: “Ipswich has a rich built heritage that is documented our Local List SPD and we are very pleased to propose additions to it. Similarly, all of us value Ipswich’s wonderful open spaces. We would welcome any comments that people have on how we can ensure that new development continues to enhance these aspects of the town.”

The consultation documents, including details of how to respond, can be viewed at The documents can also be viewed at the Customer Service Centre, Town Hall (weekdays 8.30am to 5pm), Grafton House 15-17 Russell Road, Ipswich (Mon-Fri 8.30am to 5pm), Ipswich County Library, Northgate Street and at branch libraries.

Comments need to be received by the Council by 11.45pm on Monday 7th March 2016.

Spurious Claims and Tory Support for our Brave

The Prime Minister has ordered a crackdown on abuse by lawyers pursuing spurious claims against British soldiers. This is good news.
It is clear that there is now an industry trying to profit from spurious claims lodged against our brave servicemen and women. This is unacceptable and no way to treat the people who risk their lives to keep our country safe – This government understands that it has got to end.
The National Security Council will produce a comprehensive plan to stamp out this industry, including proposals to clamp down on no win, no fee schemes used by law firms, speeding up the planned legal aid residence test, and strengthening investigative powers and penalties against firms found to be abusing the system. We will also take firm action against any firms found to have abused the system in the past to pursue fabricated claims.
 Our armed forces are rightly held to the highest standards, but our troops must know that when they get home from action overseas this Government will protect them from being hounded by lawyers over claims that are totally without foundation.
This is most welcome and furthermore we show our support for our brave men and women with the following:
Delivering the latest military equipment to ensure Britain meets its defence obligations

·         Delivering the latest military equipment so that our Armed Forces are the best in the world. Over the next 10 years, we will spend £178 billion on defence equipment and equipment support 

·         This means that we will be:
o   Creating two new fully equipped strike brigades with forces of up to 5,000 personnel each who will be to deploy rapidly and sustain themselves in the field.
o   Increasing the size of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force by a total of 700 personnel.
o   Renewing the continuous-at-sea nuclear deterrent – our ultimate insurance policy.
o   Investing in nine maritime patrol aircraft to protect our nuclear deterrent, hunt down hostile submarines and enhance our maritime search and rescue capabilities.
o   Extending the life of our multi-role Typhoons for 10 extra years through to 2040, meaning we will be able to create two additional squadrons.
o   Accelerating the F-35 programme, by buying 42 jets by 2023.
o   Investing £1.9 billion over five years in our cybersecurity.

·         Increasing the equipment budget. We are delivering on our commitment to increase the equipment budget by at least one per cent in real terms and continue to meet the NATO target to spend 20 per cent of the defence budget on researching, developing and procuring new equipment/ 

·         Helping Service personnel to buy their own home. Our Forces Help to Buy scheme allows personnel to borrow up to 50 per cent of their salary so they can buy their own home. Already 2,600 personnel have been able to move in to their home with 1,400 waiting to complete

·         Improving facilities for severely injured personnel - to help them recover from their injuries. Injured soldiers now have access to the latest prosthetics and £300 million will be invested in a new world-class rehabilitation facility at Stanford Hall that will be 4 times the size of Headley Court and improve and advance the cutting-edge treatments already available to injured troops. 

      We have also extended support for up to six months after discharge from the military and have also integrated mental health assessments with routine medicals so if someone is suffering from problems they are detected and treated earlier.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Useful Recycling information for your old Electricals

If you got that “all I ever wanted” electronic gadget or appliance in the New Year sales or your Christmas stocking, don’t throw the old one in the bin – it can be recycled.

You can recycle small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) such as kettles, irons, hair dryers, hair straighteners, toasters, alarm clock/radio, radios etc., at the following locations in Ipswich (as well as at the big recycling centres in Portman Walk and at Foxhall: Vinnicombe Court (Cambridge Drive, Stoke Park), the Woolpack pub (Tuddenham Road), Whitton and Gainsborough sports centres and Waitrose store (Crane Boulevard).

IBC portfolio-holder, said: "This is a time of year when many of us who have had new gadgets and appliances for Christmas will be wondering what to do with the old one. Every year across the country an estimated two million tonnes of WEEE items are discarded by householders and companies and that is a terrible waste. We can recycle most items that have a plug or a battery – everything from washing machines and microwave ovens to computers and televisions.”

Bigger items can be picked up for free from your doorstep by the Ipswich Furniture Project, on behalf of the Borough Council. Last year, they collected 4,371 items – that’s a cool 195 tonnes!

Ipswich Borough Council’s bid for funding from the WEEE Improvement Fund has been successful – with an award for £40,000 to expand the reuse and recycling of WEEE items in the town through promotional events and educational roadshows. The Council is also planning to provide more WEEE recycling points and drop-off events. 

Ipswich Furniture Project, 4 St Matthew’s Street, Ipswich IP1 3EU. Tel: 01473 404004

Make a Will and donate to Age UK

Happy New Year everyone!

It seems ages since I last blogged and I thoroughly enjoyed having a nice long break from work and politics. The year has started full on, as anticipated,  and I'm looking forward to 2016 unfolding.

There's so much to write about but I thought this was such a great offer, that I would share it immediately:

Will month February 2016    

Over two thirds of people in the UK do not have a will. 

If you would like to take up the offer to make a Will for a donation to Age UK Suffolk please contact 01473 359911 to request the details of all participating solicitors, or email: 

Alternatively, do visit our website: 

• Choose your solicitor • Make your donation to Age UK Suffolk • Write your Will with your chosen solicitor