Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Locality budget freeze

Labour run Ipswich Borough Council agreed tonight to freeze the new locality budgets which were introduced by the last conservative/lib-dem adminstration.
This is totally unnecessary as Suffolk County Council have already agreed verbally that they will keep the libraries and the school crossing patrols.
Let me guess what is going to happen here - ah yes, Counc Ellesmere is going to say they saved the libraries. This, of course, is nonsense and well they know it, but freezing our locality budgets, in case they need the money, has happened despite this reassurance from SCC.
So folks in Ipswich if you were hoping that you could go to your ward councillor with valid requests for some of their £ 5k locality budget to help your local community, then you will just have to wait. And I think that is totally unreasonable and unjustified.
Let's see what happens to this freeze, if the money is not needed, as I expect will be the case (Counc Ellesmere would not let me ask this question in a supplementary.)
Keep watching this space...............

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