Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Stop the excuses and get behind the Police & The law abiding Londoners

I sit this morning unable to work properly because of the terrible pictures I have seen in Hackney, my home town.

The gratuitous violence and disorder has absolutely nothing to do with the cuts and everything to do with 13 years of liberalism, and thinking it's fine for families to not have fathers, live on benefits and generally made to feel they are useless by a nanny state. It has been a disempowering period in the history of the uk.

I was born in Hackney and I would love this lot to have experienced what having nothing to do really meant. In the 60's there was real poverty. My parents made huge sacrifices to get us out of the east of London because it was bleak. But we never saw anything like this because there was respect for the police and each other. I saw the beginnings of a multi cultural community and it never even occurred to us, to not have respect for each others lives, properties and faith. I cannot and will not excuse the behaviour of selfish criminals. Winners in life do not blame everyone and everything around them. They make the changes necessary. If we are to have a discussion about this, the morons on the left who are excusing this behaviour need to have a good look at themselves for they are subconsciously giving the green light for another night of shame.

My distress at seeing the good citizens of my home town terrorised by this bunch of violent criminals will not abate until they are locked up. I am open minded about how they deal with the riots as I see all views but I will truly be disgusted if the leaders are not put away for several years to reflect on their lives. And when they come out their benefits should include a deduction for pay back of damage.


  1. http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE77946F20110810?irpc=932

    Reuters are not some left wing news agency. These are heresay articles but they cannot be dismissed simply because you don't like the message. People living in Hackney and other areas of London hate the police. That can't be just because of those sections of the community, some of it has to be down to the police.

  2. This proves nothing. The voice of a few people who are never going to like the police. I could just as easily quote what I heard on radio 2. This is the gist:
    Journalist to 2 female rioters " why are you doing this?
    "cos it's cos of the government innit.? They're conservatives or something, or are they?"
    other girl "no it ain't that. It's fun"
    Back to first girl "yeh that's it"
    I am sure you agree it would be wrong for us to presume they represent all the rioters.
    It is totally obvious that these kids have no idea and are just joining in opportunistically. I repeat that the police have a tough time and if we continue to make excuses for these thugs then all is lost.. If the police have done any wrong as individuals they are much better at owning up than any of these criminals.

  3. They don't even know what party is in government. That's Labours legacy of education, education, education for you.

  4. That's right and it's quite clear from this particular interview that one was repeating what she had heard. If anyone wants to know why these unrests tend to happen under a Tory government, it's because the Left are good at galvanising and creating this very type of 'marketing' for the cause of socialism and would never do it while their party is in power. That's the polite description anyway.

  5. So just to clarify you belive that there has been a complete social breakdown that began in May 1997 and one can assume finished when the Conservative party came back in to government and as such is now being repaired? This disastarous period lead to these riots which have been co-ordinated by some sort of left wing group as a marketing tool?

  6. Not exactly. I think Blair started off with some good thoughts but like everything we always go too far. I do believe that it has been the systematic liberal nanny state, the throwing away of a huge sum of money without measuring it's effectiveness, the breakdown of family life that Labour encouraged with it's too generous benefit system (recognised and acknowledged all over the world), it's economic policy, it's immigration stance and the lies it told to cover up it's failings. The conservatives had to bring this country back from the brink in the late 70's by Margaret and we now have to do it again. I think I have now clarified my contempt for the last government. It will take years to repair again.