Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ipswich Conservatives Budget 2012.

Conservatives Budget 2012-02-24   


CONSERVATIVES PROPOSE 3% REDUCTION IN COUNCIL TAX FOR IPSWICH RESIDENTS   Ipswich Conservative Group propose a 3% reduction in Council Tax for local residents, and have made recommendations for a £384,750 reduction in the 2012/13 budget to deliver the required savings.  

Conservative Leader, Cllr. John Carnall, has put forward an amendment to the budget to be debated at Full Council  Wednesday, 29th February.  

“We left the new Labour administration a golden legacy of significantly increased reserves, and reduced debt, and there is ample scope to reduce Council Tax, helping local residents with their budgeting when many people are finding it difficult to make ends meet,” he says.   “Whilst Labour are freezing Council Tax, made possible by a Government grant, they are increasing Fees and Charges by 3%, which is above their own estimate of inflation, as well as increasing council house rents by 5.6%, which is well ahead of inflation. At the same time, they are penalising the voluntary sector by increasing rents by up to 1600%.”   

The Conservative savings proposed are as follows:  

Reduce senior management costs ​ £125,000

Transfer HEARS service to SCC​  £  25,000

Withdraw interest free period granted to   Ipswich Town Football Club​ £ 17,000

Reduce allowances paid to Area Committee Chairmen  ​£  15,000

Increase General Fund Revenue Balance​  £  22,250  

And delete Labour’s following proposals for additional expenditure:  
Equalities Project Officer​£  25,000
External Funding Officer​£  60,000
Support to Public Transport  ​£140,000  

TOTAL  ​£384,750   

For further comment contact:   Cllr. John Carnall​ 01473 717475
Conservative Group Leader, Ipswich Borough Council        


  1. A budget so important that one Tory Cllr left before the end of the meeting!

  2. He had a prior engagement which John gave his blessing for him to attend. I don't think it made any difference to the debate or the vote, do you?