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Torch Relay info Ipswich 5th July

(provided by IBC) 
As of Friday 29th June

Due to the nature of the Torch Relay the information is subject to change - for up to date information please visit

The Olympic torch will arrive in Ipswich at approximately 6:20pm on Thursday 5th July and be carried through the town by torchbearers. If you are travelling home from work on the affected routes at these times, we advise you to seek an alternative route or change your travel time accordingly. It is hoped the arrival of the torch by boat on the Ipswich Waterfront will minimise disruption on routes into the town. The torch will travel along Ipswich Waterfront and up into the town centre via St Peters Street, St Nicholas Street and Princes Street. After travelling through the town centre the torch will arrive at Christchurch Park, through the Soane Street entrance via Northgate Street and crossing Crown Street. The flame is expected on-stage in the park at 6:50pm. Of course there may be delays, as has already been seen in earlier locations. If the torch is delayed it will be publicised immediately on the Ipswich Borough Council Twitter account @IpswichGov and on BBC Radio Suffolk. 
view route in and view route out here.
Road Closures
The following roads will be closed from midnight on July 4 th 2012 until midnight on July 5th2012:
  • Albion Wharf – Complete length
  • Wherry Quay – Complete length
  • Common Quay – Complete length
  • Wherry Lane – Complete length
  • Neptune Quay – Complete Length
  • Orwell Quay – Complete Length
  • Foundary Lane – Between College Street and Albion Wharf
  • St Peters Wharf – Between Foundary Lane and Bridge Street
  • Key Street – Between Key Street and Common Quay
  • St Nicholas Street – Between Cutler Street and Friars Street
  • Cromwell Square – Complete Length
 The following roads will be subject to rolling road closures on July 5th and 6th as the torch convoy passes through Ipswich town centre:
  • Star Lane - Bridge Street to St Peters Street
  • Upper Brook Street – Butter Market to Northgate Street.
  • Handford Road – Civic Drive to Portman Road
  • West End Road – Commercial Road to London Road
  • Tavern Street – Cornhill to Upper Brook Street
  • Princes Street – Friars Street to Queen Street
  • London Road – From West End Road to A1214 Copdock Interchange
  • Commercial Road – Grafton Way to West End Road
  • Portman Road – Handford Road to Princes Street
  • St Margaret’s Plain – Northgate St to Soane Street
  • Princes Street - Portman Road to Grafton Way
  • Queen Street – Princes Street to Butter Market
  • Grafton Way – Princes Street to Commercial Road
  • St Peters Street – Between Star Lane and Cutler Street
  • Butter Market – Queen Street to Upper Brook Street
  • Soane Street - St Margaret’s Plain to Bolton Lane
  • Civic Drive – St Matthews Street to Handford Road
  • Friars Street – St Nicholas Street to Princes Street
  • Bridge Street – Stoke Bridge to Star Lane
  • Westgate Street – Cornhill to St Matthews Street
  • Northgate Street – Upper Brook Street to St Margaret’s Plain
  • St Matthews Street – Westgate Street to Civic Drive
  • Princes Street – Cornhill to Queen Street
There will be no parking of vehicles along the torch route after midnight from the 4 th of July. Any unattended vehicles parked along the route may be towed away. 
Ipswich Borough Council will be providing facilities to lock your bikes in Christchurch Park whilst you enjoy the town and park activities. We highly recommend cycling to the event to avoid any traffic and facilitate easy parking. The cycle park will be located close to the Soane Street entrance of the park close to the Speigeltent.
Whilst kept to a minimum there will inevitably be some disruption to road traffic and we encourage people to walk or cycle to events wherever possible. Please plan your route well in advance and check any possible disruption to bus or rail services with the relevant provider.
Please refer to individual car park operators to openings and tariffs
Please note: The Crown Street Car Park will be closed between Saturday 26 th May and Sunday 15th July 2012 to host the Crash of Elysium event. It will therefore be unavailable for use during Torch Relay events.
 Cobden Place Car Park is also closed for works during this period.
 Park and rides will be open until 8pm on the evening of July 5th and we encourage visitors to make full use of these facilities.

Viewing points

Please be sensible about where you choose to view the torch relay, especially if you are bringing young children with you. Narrow streets such as Northgate Street are unsuitable for large crowds. Please take extra caution along the waterfront when standing on the dockside of the road. We advise you select your viewing position up to one hour before the forecasted arrival of the torch. On the day we will be providing updates about the clearest viewing areas via Twitter and local radio. The Presenting Partners will be handing out their premium giveaways on the left hand side of the road in most areas. Please try and situate yourself sensibly and don’t try and cross the road when the convoy is passing your location.
 Please note that it is not advised that people should move try to access Christchurch Park after the torch has passed their location as the torch arrival is the final moment of the Evening Celebration and all entertainment will have finished by the time you arrive.
 Hot spots
The town centre route will feature five ‘hotspot activation zones’. These zones are at; Customs House, Foundry Lane (outside DanceEast), Cromwell Square Car Park, Cornhill and in the lower part of Christchurch Park, inside the Soane Street entrance. Please check the Ipswich Borough Council for more details of acts and times.
 The lower half of Christchurch Park will also feature a ‘Sports Village’ with sporting and voluntary organisations present. There will be plenty of ‘Have a Go’ sporting sessions and musical and dance workshops. Come and try something new and get more involved in your town. Other entertainment in the park, outside of the main event arena, includes a fun fair and concessions stands. 
The Olympic Torch Relay is supported by three Presenting Partners; Coca-Cola, Samsung and Lloyds TSB. These partners will be sending out crews in small vehicles to each of the entertainment ‘hotspots’. They will be providing additional entertainment, alongside our own local groups, and handing out small premium giveaways to the crowd. Please note Coca-Cola will only be handing out their premiums to people over the age of 12 as part of their commitment not to market to young children. Parents may give the samples to their children at their own discretion.
 The main convoy
The main torch convoy is made up of a range of vehicles including police motorcycles, torchbearer drop off and collection buses, Presenting Partner trucks, security and media vehicles and the torch itself, with its police escorts.  Please be aware; there may be a gap of several minutes between the Presenting Partner vehicles and the arrival of the torch itself, as torchbearers travel at different speeds. The Presenting Partners will be handing out premiums to the crowd on the left hand side of the road only. This is a standard practice throughout the entire route to protect the crowds, as there may be oncoming traffic on the right hand side of the road in many locations.
  The route split
On the Thursday evening there will be a split between the convoy vehicles and the torchbearer. Whilst the torchbearer will continue up Princes Street from Giles Circus, across the Cornhill and along Tavern Street, the convoy vehicles will travel along the Buttermarket and turn left onto Upper Brook Street before meeting the torchbearer at the junction with Tavern Street. This is due to problems with turning circles of some of the larger vehicles.
 It is not advisable to try and switch between the two routes as it may result in crowd problems and you risk missing seeing the torch itself.
 Evening Celebration Site
Entry to the Evening Celebration Site in the north of Christchurch Park is strictly by wristband entry only. There are no wristbands available on the day.
Delays have been an issue throughout the earlier days of the Olympic Torch Relay. Likewise there have been days when the torch has arrived slightly ahead of time so please arrive well in advance.
If you become ill during the event please find the nearest steward, who can assist you further. If the weather is warm please consider wearing hats and sunscreen and bringing extra drinks with you.
 Services disruption
We do not expect the torch relay to cause major disruptions to usual services such as postal services or bin collections due to the timing of the event. However, if you are planning on having deliveries on the days of the relay we do advise you to contact your courier so they can plan accordingly. Likewise, if you use a private waste company it is advised that you inform them of possible disruptions.
 Ipswich market will be closed all day on Thursday July 5th and may open slightly later then usual on Friday 6th July to allow the relay to pass through the town centre.
 Friday 6th July Farewell
The torch will leave Christchurch Park and parade through Ipswich town centre on the morning of Friday 6th July from approximately 6.35am. This is a great opportunity to catch a closer view of the torch. 
 The torch will appear on Christchurch Mansion balcony for a photo opportunity at 6:35am and will then leave the park, carried by torchbearers, out of the Soane Street entrance, onto Soane Street, across Crown Street and into Northgate Street. Down Northgate Street, turning right onto The Buttermarket towards Giles Circus. Heading up right onto Princes Street and across the Cornhill. Heading west along Tavern Street and into Westgate Street. Carrying onto St. Matthews Street and turning left onto Civic Drive, right into Handford Road and left into Portman Road
 Ipswich Borough Council is hosting a fun run around Christchurch Park immediately following the departure of the torch. All are welcome to join in. Please bring sensible running shoes and water.

Frequently asked questins
Will the torch stop for me to take a photo?
No. Please do not attempt to hold up the torch or get in front of its path to take photos, as you will quickly be moved by the torch’s police guard. There is a dedicated photo opportunity in Ipswich on the morning on July 6 th at 6:35am on Christchurch Mansion balcony.

Can I hold the torch?
No. Torchbearers were selected and informed several months ago by a public nomination process. You will not be able to hold the torch on route. Wristband holders for the Evening Celebration Site will have the opportunity to have their photos taken with a torch at the Presenting Partners showcasing locations.

Who are the Ipswich torchbearers?
You can find out details and profile of all the torchbearers in Ipswich

Who are the presenting partners and what is their role in the Torch Relay?
The presenting partners are the Relay’s sponsors. They are Coca-Cola, Lloyds TSB and Samsung. The Torch Relay would not be possible without the support of the Presenting Partners as they fund the whole event. They provide the entertainment around the Olympic Flame and the Torchbearer and substantial segments of the Evening Celebration. 

Can I bring my dog?
We strongly advise that you leave dogs at home, other than assistance dogs. Even the most sociable and relaxed dogs can find large crowds and moving vehicles stressful and upsetting.

What is being done to ensure the Relay route is kept clean and tidy?
The event sponsors are providing giveaways, which are keepsakes so that spectators will keep them rather than throw them away. Coca-Cola is providing a recycling van for plastic bottles. Ipswich Borough Council will be providing appropriate street cleansing and recycling facilities to support the Torch Relay. You can also come along to Christchurch Park where we will be hosting a stand promoting recycling in Ipswich. Please try and take your rubbish home with you to dispose of wherever possible.

How can I get more involved?
If you would like to volunteer to assist with Ipswich Relay events, or indeed any Ipswich events please log onto to find out more and submit your details.

If you are thinking of organising a street party or other community event to celebrate the torch relay please logon to where you can download a handbook full of useful information and ideas.

Can I watch the torch relay on TV?
The BBC is the official media partner for the torch relay and will be covering most of the route live on their website. It will also be showing parts of the journey on their interactive red button as well as using regional and national news bulletins to show the torch arriving and leaving daily destinations. There are also live feeds of the torch relay on the BBC News and Official London 2012 torch relay websites.

Where else will the torch be in Suffolk?
The torch is expected to arrive in Lowestoft shortly after 10am on the morning of July 5th. It will travel down the eastern side of the county, taking in villages and towns en-route, arriving in;

Wrentham at 11:10am
Reydon & Southwold from 11:30am
Kelsale & Saxmundham from 1:30pm
Aldeburgh from 2pm
Wickham Market from 3:05pm
Ufford from 3:20pm
Melton and Woodbridge from 3:30pm
Felixstowe from 4:45pm

The torch travels to Ipswich from Felixstowe and will stop overnight in Ipswich. The torch leaves Ipswich at around 7:03am on the morning of July 6 th before it enters Essex. The relay comes back into Suffolk on July 7th, travelling through the west of the county, arriving in;

Haverhill from 2:45pm
Bury St Edmunds from 3:45pm
Newmarket from 5:30pm

Please note when the torch is in convoy mode, travelling in a vehicle from one community to the next, it is not visible to the public. We strongly advise you to check that your planned viewing position is whilst the torch is in torchbearer mode to avoid disappointment. You can find out more infor mation about the torch’s exact route and timings

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