Friday, 17 August 2012

Seen a Whole New Side to The human Race

Actually this is blog post part 2
Seen a Whole new side to my local paper!

Now, when Paul Geater, that well known left winger of the local paper Ipswich Star, called me about my original blog, I was happy to talk to him. I knew there would be an article in the local press whether I allowed him an interview or not, so had nothing to lose.

One of the things I made quite clear, was that I do not think I am psychic!

I merely pointed out that when we have experts that become discredited, or where experts disagree and never seem to reach a consensus, then I allow myself to use my own intuition in which to make a decisions. I gave several examples including one where our deep intuition can manifest itself into our dreams.

And I really did find it funny that the paper superimposed my head onto a clairvoyants and chose to take that angle. It was so ridiculous that I knew people who have met me either through work or socially would totally ignore the attempt to ridicule me. I even forgave them for not showing the link to my blog where people would be able to see for themselves what I meant, if they read the later clarifying comments.

I have since had offers from magazines etc asking me to share my story but I have turned them down because I take my role as a councillor very seriously.

Anyway, I could say more about that, but this isn't about what has gone past, this is about selective evidence, which is where I got the idea for the blog in the first place. I no longer trust what I read anymore because of this very common approach to giving us information.

No this is the more worrying part of this particular blog

I have been contacted by someone who says he wrote a comment of support for me on the papers web but it had not appeared

He said, and i quote with his permission,

Dear Nadia

I placed a comment on there giving my full support for you but as yet, it is
not being displayed. Are they being selective over which comments to

on prompting he said this.

The message I sent was something like (cant remember word for word):

"I am shocked and appalled by your portrayal of this lady. She has been a
source of inspiration and support for myself and my family in a very
heartbreaking situation when the authorities, who should be acting, appear
to have simply dug their heads in the sand."

These are my true feelings and if there is ANYTHING else I can do to help,
please let me know

Steve Monk Dalton
Now people - can you see what I am finally saying?

How many others have done the same but not checked to see if it has been printed OR to let me know.

This comment may be printed as yet, especially after reading this, but I did see how quick they were to print the first negative comment (oh by the way, not the end of my career, I am my own boss!)
So this is not getting a balanced view, one where people in this town have seen me in so many situations they absolutely know what I meant right from the word go and have agreed with me.

So I leave you with your intuition and for you to ask yourself How much of all the information you see, hear, read etc, do you really trust when there is bias like this round every corner?

I recommend you just trust your own instinct and intuition!

I rest my case.

Have a good weekend

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