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Programmes for Parents - Choices Updates

Please see previous posts about this subject but as it is viewed on a regular basis I thought I would just do a quick summary of contacts and Suffolk's programmes for parenting courses and hubs for support. People to contact are shown at the bottom of this post.

I have attended some of these programmes and they are excellent!

See below for programme descriptions:

Strengthening Families Programme
Oxford Brookes University

An evidence based programme for parents and young people aged between 10 and 14 years.  This is a DVD and activity based programme, which supports families to have a positive outlook as young people approach their teenage years.

Parents aim to improve their nurturing and support skills while considering effective discipline and guidance strategies.  Young people build skills for resisting peer pressure and dealing with stress.  During the sessions the families work together to reflect on the strengths of their family.

This programme has been proved to be effective in preventing alcohol and substance misuse amongst young people.
For further details see www.mystrongfamily.co.uk

Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme)

This set of interventions was developed at the University of QueenslandAustralia
by Professor Matt Sanders, a clinical psychologist, and is now run worldwide.  
There are a variety of different group and individual programmes varying according to need, 
from universal (information and advice), through to support with common issues in children 
and young people, to group programmes and 1:1 work (both face to face and by phone). 

·         Group Triple P runs for 8 weeks (including 3 weeks where 1:1 phone support is 
substituted for group meetings).
·         Group Triple P Teen runs for 8 weeks (including 3 weeks where 1:1 phone support is 
substituted for group meetings).
·         Primary Care Triple P is a 1:1 intervention tailored to the particular issues the parent 
wants to work on, and supported by professionally designed tip sheets for parents to keep. 
Sessions can be phone-based as well as face-to-face.
·         Seminar Triple P is a series of 3 presentations on raising confident, resilient children, 
which covers issues of interest to a universal audience.   These can be delivered to a large 
group (up to 50), for example in school or the workplace. 
·         Seminar Triple P Teen is a series of 3 presentations on raising connected, competent 
and resilient teenagers, which covers issues of interest to a universal audience.   
These can be delivered to a large group (up to 50), for example in school or the workplace. 

For further details see www.triplep.net or contact:

The Incredible Years/Webster Stratton

Created by Caroline Webster Stratton, an American clinical psychologist used and researched for 20 years, this is an early intervention programme for parents of children under 10.  The programme encourages parents to build strong relationships with their children through play and rewarding positive behaviour. It strengthens communication and enables parents/carers to understand the developmental stages of the child. 

After completing the course parents will have a range of tools from which to choose including; effective limit setting, time-out, handling consequences and problem–solving.
This programme is appropriate for all families including those with young people with a diagnosis of ADHD or ODD.
For further details see www.incredibleyears.com, or contact Judith Moore, Parenting Coordinator, judith.moore@suffolk.gov.uk, tel. 07515 188522

Living with Children/Living with Teenagers

The courses are offered as part of the Suffolk Community Learning Adult Education Programme and are accredited with the Open College Network.  The course is open to any parent or guardian of a child or teenager who would like to develop their skills and knowledge.  Parents can enrol themselves or agencies can make referrals on their behalf.  The course offers parents a chance to develop their skills and learn some new ideas. The course covers understanding children’s needs and parent’s needs, recognising different styles of parenting, developing skills in a positive communication style, listening skills and ways to support children’s self esteem, positive strategies for managing behaviour and setting limits.   Participants will also be able to receive information about other learning opportunities they may wish to go on to.

For further details contact Gill Johnson@suffolk.gov.uk

Caring Dads

Developed in Canada, is an intervention programme for fathers (including biological, step, common-law) who have physically abused, emotionally abused or neglected their children, or exposed their children to domestic violence or who are deemed to be at high-risk for these behaviours. It consists of a 17-week, empirically-based, manualised group parenting intervention for fathers, systematic outreach to mothers to ensure safety and freedom from coercion, and ongoing, collaborative case management of fathers with referrers and with other professionals involved with men’s families. The group component of Caring Dads combines elements of parenting, fathering, battering and child protection practice to enhance the safety and well-being of children. Programme principles emphasize the need to enhance men’s motivation, promote child-centred fathering, address men’s ability to engage in respectful, non-abusive co-parenting with children’s mothers, recognize that children’s experience of trauma will impact the rate of possible change, and work collaboratively with other service providers to ensure that children benefit (and are not unintentionally harmed) as a result of father’s participation in intervention. Run by team of male and female facilitators. See www.caringdads.org

 Who’s In Charge

Does your child threaten, hurt or intimidate you? Do you feel you are losing control? Want to better handle conflict?
The Who’s in Charge? Group is an 8 week programme for parents or carers of young people (8-18) who are beyond control or defiant.  The group aims to:
Provide a supportive environment to share experiences and ideas
Reduce the guilt and shame most parents feel
Offer ideas to help to develop individual strategies for managing your child’s behaviour
Explore ways of increasing safety and well being
Help parents feel more in control and less stressed.

Suffolk Family Learning

Suffolk Family Learning is part of Community Learning and Skills Development and offers a comprehensive range of programmes for parents, carers and families. We work across the county in partnership with schools, nurseries and other voluntary and statutory organisations.

Being a parent/carer and supporting children's development and learning is one of the most enjoyable and challenging jobs there is. All these programmes give the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other parents and carers in a friendly atmosphere.

The aims of Family Learning are to:
enhance the skills of the children involved in intensive programmes
enhance the home school partnership
encourage home activities
increase the understanding of the children's curriculum
increase the literacy, language and numeracy skills of the adults
Contact: 01379 672711

Living with Babies Course

Part of Community Learning and Skills Development Family Learning Courses
Parents attend with their babies
Courses are 5 sessions of 2 hours and give parents a chance to share activities with their baby, have a go at making games and activities to do at home.  The course includes an introduction to how babies develop and learn.


Autism Suffolk is an advice/support/information service for families of children who have a diagnosis of ASD.
Please contact Autism Suffolk for details  of times and dates   01473 632700.
Karen Smith
Family Support Worker
Autism Suffolk
Tel 01473 632700

Parents Under Pressure™ is a new 20-week programme for parents who have a child under two and are on an opioid treatment programme or an alcohol abstinence/relapse prevention programme. Parents Under Pressure™ aims to help families with the difficult job of parenting, providing them with the safe and caring support they need. Throughout the programme, NSPCC workers will visit parents in their own home to provide support and guidance on parenting and on maintaining their own emotional wellbeing. For further information, please contact Ipswich Service Centre, NSPCC, Hyde Park House, 1 Crown Street, Ipswich, IP1 3LG. Tel: 01473 234850. Email: IpswichAdminInbox@NSPCC.org.uk

Local Children’s Centres

For programmes in your area contact:    
Ipswich Senior Parenting Practitioner - Ipswich Borough Council 07921 941 620
Suffolk County Parenting Co-ordinater - Suffolk County Council 07515 188522
Ipswich & Coastal  Area Parenting Co-ordinater -     Suffolk County Council 07540 671191
South & West Suffolk  Area Parenting Co-ordinater - Suffolk County Council 07540 671192
North, Waveney and Central Suffolk  County Parenting Co-ordinater - Suffolk County Council 07515 188522

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