Thursday, 31 January 2013

Full Council Meeting and Thorington Windfarm

Once again, the administration received questions from the public on why they refuse to nail their colours to the mast and/or do something about the majority concern over the proposed turbines at Thorington, overlooking SW Ipswich.

The leader of the council et al chose to repeat like parrots - 'the contract, which was signed by the previous administration' in other words 'it has nothing to do with us'.

Then up pops Sally Wainman, a real campaigner who challenges any party in administration and has the town in her heart, who wasn't going to let him off so lightly.

She challenged Cllr Ellesmere in a supplementary question, asking him when he was going to stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility for the wishes of the residents in SW Ipswich. Labour are in administration so what was he going to do?

Nothing is the answer.

Nothing of any consequence.

Yes, it wasn't his administration that signed the options contract. Yes, it would be hard for IBC as a council to make a stand against PfR, in fact it would be illegal. However there is nothing legally stopping any of the numerous labour councillors in SW (I am the only Tory) as individuals, in showing they truly represent their people by joining me and SIT in bringing evidence to Babergh that will show lives will be blighted.

I am the only councillor to be doing this. I have learnt much from SIT and Kessingland. This is not what I want for my residents and those in my street because it's not what they want - 92%. So I am choosing to fight hard by collecting evidence along with Ben Gummer, distributing information and attending all relevant meetings.

If other labour councillors did the same, we might get somewhere.

When asked if any labour councillors attended the latest consultation, the leader stated that they all knew the facts by now. Not true. The proposals have been changed and it was useful for me at least to see them, discuss them with PfR and have further conversations with the many residents who attended. Isn't that our job for goodness sake?!

So they do have another get out clause. If Babergh agree at their planning meeting for this to go ahead, we can expect to start hearing them blame Babergh sometime this year. In fact I can already hear it.....


  1. I wish more people had your common sense and understanding of the role of a local councillor to represent the residents of their ward. Well done Nadia and thank you for all your hard work.

  2. Thankyou Mr anonymous! Much appreciated. I only ever made 3 promises to my residents and that was to be honest, available and to represent their wishes.
    Thanks for taking the time out to comment.

    1. I agree Nadia..Thank you for your continuing hard work. It is a breath of fresh air to see someone like you representing your ward.

      We are all fed up with hearing the same words..'the contract was signed by the previous administration' ..about time they changed the record and did something for us instead of passing the buck!