Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Launch of election Campaign for Ipswich Conservatives

It’s election time again! The Conservatives campaign all the year around, but you will see more of us over the next few weeks. Our candidates for the County Council, and for the two Borough Council elections, are campaigning hard and hope you will support their message of low taxes, quality services and policies designed to reward aspiration.
Conservatives already have County Councillors in Bixley, Chantry, Gainsborough, Rushmere and Whitehouse & Whitton Divisions. That’s more than half the people of Ipswich represented by Conservative County Councillors. Conservative County Councillors who voted to freeze council tax again this year. But Labour Borough Councillors voted to up the tax, meaning everyone will have to pay more in the future.
Last time Labour were in power at Endeavour House, the County Council HQ, they hiked up our Council Tax by more than 40% in four years. That included a rise of 18.5% in one year, which still costs most Ipswich households almost a hundred pounds every year.
We don’t need to look to history to see what Labour’s instinct is. Their leader on SCC is also an Ipswich Borough Councillor. This year he voted in favour of another council tax rise, whilst approving of wasteful spending.
Conservatives pledge to freeze council tax for the next four years. We will ensure that the county council lives within it’s means, and that you, the taxpayer, will not have to pick up the tab for Labour’s mistakes.
The Conservative candidates for Ipswich are:
Bixley – County Councillor Alan Murray
Chantry – Kevin Algar and Nadia Cenci (two seats)
Bridge - Bob Hall
Gainsborough  - County Councillor Carol Debman
Priory Heath - Mark Felix-Thomas
Rushmere – County Councillor Judy Terry
St Helen’s – Katherine Parkinson
St John’s – Eddy Phillips
St Margaret’s & Westgate – Lee Reynolds & Chris Stewart (two seats)
Whitehouse & Whitton – David Goldsmith & County Councillor Robin Vickery
There are also two by elections on Ipswich Borough Council, one in Alexandra and one in Whitehouse. Our candidates for these two seats are:
Alexandra – Eddy Phillips
Whitehouse – Paul West

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