Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Spaces available for a fantastic parenting programme in Stoke Park Ipswich

I can't recommend this course highly enough. It is neither patronising nor basic, instead giving REAL tools to enable children and families to cope with the everyday challenges of family life as well as appreciate the great stuff.

This one, in my ward has some spaces. Grab them!

Strengthening Families Parenting Programme

Starts 2nd October, 4pm – 6.30pm

At Suffolk New Academy, Mallard Way

Ipswich, IP2 9LR

Refreshments provided

Strengthening Families is a seven week programme for parents and young people aged between 10 and 14 years. 

It is a DVD and activity based programme, which supports families to have a positive outlook as young people approach their teenage years.

Parents aim to improve their nurturing and support skills while considering effective discipline and guidance strategies. Young people build skills for resisting peer pressure and dealing with stress. During the sessions the families work together to reflect on the strengths of their family.

Please call Carole Williams for more information: 07921941620

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