Wednesday, 8 January 2014

If Labour has Anything to do with it - We'll always have a Shortage of Good Housing

Once again the local council paper is an advert for the Ipswich labour administration.

This will be the third time i say this in 2014 - but it's true - they really do not let the truth get in the way of a good story

Council team that is building jobs and confidence - Hilarious

Council homes newly built - thanks to the coalition government and policies that enabled IBC to provide new council homes.

Well that's their voters sorted out! - What about good quality private housing that will attract good quality jobs and investment into the town? 

Don't be silly - of course not!

Labour don't want people to better themselves - where would their votes come from then?

No - Status Quo is very nice, thankyou very much. Let's leave enterprise, confidence, attainment to those 'orrible' Tories.

Yes, tories like me who started out in a council flat in the East End of London but whose family found a way out and bought their first house, encouraging their offspring to buy their first house too and then buy a bigger one as fortunes were turned around by - you guessed it - The Tories.

In the three years since Labour won back control of Ipswich, there has been no progress on any of the town centre's redundant development sites. Nor does there appear to be any strategy to engage with the owners to bring these sites forward, and create more jobs.
The £70m Grafton Way project was to have created 900 new jobs linked not only to the Tesco superstore, but hotels and small retail outlets. The Labour run council blocked every attempt by the owners to see a new planning consent for a smaller store and housing instead of flats. 

Now we see the St. Clement's application withdrawn because of the council's intransigence over its excessive S106 demands after nearly 3 years of negotiations.

Absolutely and completely disgraceful.

The Angle should be renamed The Wangle...

9/1 - since I wrote the above - this happened on twitter - I rest my case...

AlasdairRoss@StokeParkCllr what position did I make clear? Planning is non political unless you are telling me the tesco vote was Tory group decision ?7:21pm, Jan 08 from Twitter for iPad
bredsell@AlasdairRoss@StokeParkCllr You told IpsSpy at the time that Labour Group were against Tesco & that Labour voted against it.#groupdecision11:55pm, Jan 08 from Twitter for BlackBerry®

bredsell Jan 08, 11:57pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®
@AlasdairRoss @StokeParkCllr Alasdair you crowed that Labour against it immediately after planning meeting

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