Friday, 7 February 2014

Margaret Thatchers Words (and how it's still right today)

Grant Shapps writes an article for Conservatives Home website and I was reminded of the Great Mrs T words from her 1983 manifesto - to be proved right, as we are also proving right this time round.
How history repeats itself when it comes to clearing up the mess after Labour years:

“In the last four years, Britain has recovered her confidence and self-respect. We have regained the regard and confidence of other nations. We are seen as a people with integrity, resolve, and the will to succeed.”
The choice before the nation is stark: either to continue our present steadfast progress towards recovery, or to follow policies more extreme and more damaging than those ever put forward by any previous Opposition… Only if we create wealth can we continue to do justice to the old and sick and the disabled. It is economic success which will provide the surest guarantee of help for those who need it most.”

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