Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Now Let's Get behind Our Team

With a week that sees divisive politics alongside media overcooking the local elections, I am switching my attention to an important event that will bring most of us together.

yes the World Cup!

I urge those who say they do not like football, do not understand it, who think that men running around after a ball is silly and irrelevant, to just try it. Because I, alongside millions of people all over the world, disagree with that notion.

Forget that some of them are overpaid and make MPs riches look minuscule for far less stress and hard thinking. Forget that it will intrude into our living rooms with a bang and take your menfolk away from their duties.

All those things do not matter when it comes to pride in your country, watching poetry in motion and perhaps appreciating that footballers are geniuses in their own right.

I used to dismiss many other sports, such is my love for football, but once open minded I enjoyed Cricket 'rather watch paint dry' and rugby 'don't understand it and too violent' as well as golf 'must be the most boring to watch of all' and other 'silly ball games'. Oh how wrong I was!

The reason football is the most special of all is that it is a team game that evokes passion, tears, joy, national pride across the world and is played in the back streets of some of the most run down cities. It brings us together, it makes us feel alive and proud. We share space together to watch it.

Be there, even in some small part. Let the house and garden go to pot for one month of madness and enjoy!

Lots of blogs on football coming up. It surpasses my love of politics and I intend to be swept away ...

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