Thursday, 17 July 2014

Diary and Snippets from the Ipswich Conservatives

We've been busy - hence a bit behind with the blog posts - so I thought I would do some snippets from the last week.

First of all I attended the annual Local Government Association in Bournemouth, last week.

There were 2 subjects up for debate that I was the most interested in - How we can make our High Streets work again and Universal Credit. I will be doing separate blog posts on both of these items.
The time I spent there for networking, checking out the exhibitors and catching up with colleagues made it worthwhile, but it did take a lot out of my week and then only having the weekend to read the executive papers caused more build up of incoming work.

Talking about the executive - Spy was not there to film this time - but I can report that I voted against the Labour portfolio holders on only 1 paper - the buying of Arts building in Argyle street for a community group that wishes to move out of Tower street.

This was because I didn't think it fair that other groups were not given the chance to participate in a competitive process and because I feel that taxpayers money is at risk if the rent is not able to be paid. I also fear that the group - the Bangladeshi centre - who do some great work in the community - will struggle to repair the building if they do not get the lottery money the labour group seem so confident will be given - nothing is certain.

I had several questions surrounding this and I'm not satisfied that all of them were answered fully.

I would be interested to know what you think.

The conservative group had a visit to Iceni last week, to find out more about the great work they do with addiction and I have written a piece about this for the next Angle.

A group meeting this week showed that we continue to be united and focused on what needs to be done to give the electorate an alternative at local level. We have these once a month now so that we can be out in the community more, on the other 3 Mondays.

We canvassed in St John, Gipping and Rushmere in the past week discussing national as well as local issues and some of us joined Ben Gummer at his regular Ben in The Pub evenings, talking to the local community.

Today sees a press release about the Waterfront - Ben Gummer was asking for possible compulsory purchase orders 2 years ago -  and now Cllr Ellesmere seems to think the time is right after being 3 years as leader of the council, so I will be onto them if they allude negatively to the previous administration  - as suggested by a local paper. It logically follows that it most certainly wasn't right 4 years ago - and as this is an important development - everyone needs a say in this.

Case work is massive for me at the moment - as the only conservative from 12 in the SW area, Tory voters always come to me of course and I love it. Case work is the most important part of my work and it will never be sacrificed for the ivory tower type work at Grafton house.

Many of you know I run my own business and look after my grandchildren on a Wednesday - it is a full and rewarding life that takes me up to 8pm most evenings.

However I always find time for some things and my cookery lesson on Sunday, near Chelmsford, with Ann Hood, a previous masterchef quarter finalist, was an absolute joy as usual. And I will always find time for good dramas. If you haven't caught up the The Honourable Woman, then do so - its brilliantly directed, written and acted.

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