Monday, 11 August 2014

Ravenswood Newsletter - New Homes

I have been asked to post the following information from a newsletter on behalf of those campaigning against the building of new council homes on Ravenswood.

I am not on the planning committee, nor was I at the recent meeting, which by all accounts was quite volatile but I give it here -
Details of joining in the campaign is included.

The Ravenswood Action Group met at the Golden Hind on the 6th of August. Thank you for attending, signing the petition, objection letters and putting forward your views.

Unfortunately this is not enough. More needs to be done in order to STOP the IBC from using your money to build a Council Estate on your doorstep and not allowing you a say in the matter.

Attend our next meeting:

This will be a very short meeting(30-45mins) held on Monday the 18th of August at The Raven pub at 19h30.

We will be registering members of the RAG, Ravenswood Action Group and agreeing a constitution. Committee members will be appointed.

We will also be collecting money towards our legal fund. It’s important to remember that we are forced to pay approximately £150-£200 on council tax every month, and we get refuse removal and not a lot more for it. The infuriating thing is that our taxes fund the social housing project in question yet we cannot demand the mixed tenure we were promised by the council. The Ravenswood Action Group is asking for £100 per household contribution towards our legal fund(any excess will be returned back to individuals by the solicitors). 

This £100 could be the best investment you’ve made if it prevents the 5% drop in Ravenswood house values predicted by local estate agents, it could save you up to £9700.




Start Petitioning

We’re hoping that 40 RAG members can each get a minumum of 50 signatures from any Ipswich Resident. This includes colleagues, friends, family etc. The only requirement is that they reside within the borough. Its useful remembering that you can get every adult member of a household to sign.


Katherine Whyte and Amanda Crampton will be co-ordinating the petitions and will be happy to answer your queries. Their email addresses are:

Kindly email if you are able to attend the next meeting at The Raven Pub at 19h30 on Monday the 18th of August


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