Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dispelling the Myths about Child Centre closures

It is Ipswich Labour's modus operandi to pick on a subject matter that is the responsibility of Conservative run Suffolk county council and then relentlessly allow mistruths, false facts and disingenuous articles to thrive in their horrible scruffy socialist paper and the media, in the hope it will win them a few more votes.

As the Leader of the Opposition, it is my duty and responsibility to hold them to account and in my short time since taking this position, have been forced to do so several times already.

Here is another one.

NO CENTRES HAVE CLOSED!  yes there it is.

Ormiston has all the old services still operating but most are being delivered remotely - no reduction in service levels

Since the General Election one new centre Ravenswood has opened so in 2010 there were 9 children centres in Ben Gummers constituency and now there are 10

Quayside, Wellington, Hillside, The Willows, Chatterbox, East Ipswich (formerly Ormiston), Hawthorn, Tree House, Wooden House, Ravenswood) -


-          County Council is proposing merging Quayside with Tree House: this is a matter of properties, not staff or services.

       Furthermore Ben Gummer has promised to keep Sure Start provision in this parliament and he has more than done that. Fact.
        Going forward Frank Field will be leading a high level review of early years services in Suffolk, which will help inform how they are delivered in the next parliament.
       So when you read the next bit of literature on this from Labour's scaremongering newspaper, ask a Tory what their side of the story is and as always

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