Thursday, 12 February 2015

Don't know about the labour bloggers but I have work to do

It has really brought home to me recently how certain labour councillors who blog and tweet should seriously consider where their time is best spent.

I know I have neglected this site a little in recent weeks but that's because:

I have spent many hours saving a resident in Stoke Park ward from eviction, which meant representing her at court, meetings with IBC about her benefits, emails and phone calls to the housing association etc etc

I have spent time on case work including preparing to represent a resident at a planning committee

I have read hundreds of pages of council and executive papers in order to hold the labour admin to account

I have been delivering and knocking on doors to speak to residents. I have been working hard on behalf of Ben Gummer who is the finest MP we have seen for many a decade and he is worth my time.

I have fitted in being group leader and shadow portfolio for finance

I have been preparing to give an alternative to labour for Ipswich residents for our manifesto

And much much more...

This took me about 5 minutes to type because I wasn't trying to think up anything clever or derogatory about the other side who seem to spend a lot of time trying to goad me on twitter and have faux rants all through the evening about stuff that has nothing to do with me. Nor was I looking to write a masterpiece. This is about - what is your councillor doing?

I think they need to get out more..

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