Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Pannington Farm wind turbine latest - We won!

I received this today from my fellow campaigner Jenny and its good news for my ward and for surrounding area of beauty in in SW Ipswich. Jenny more than anyone has done the most fantastic job and can now take a well earned rest...

We've won!!

It's the power of the community that's done it - that's YOU!

On PfR's latest web update last weekend, Pannington Farm was no longer included in their list of projects - I spent ages on Monday phoning all their six different numbers. There were only recorded messages.

Eventually John Mills, who is the boss of PfR projects in England, called me back late on Tuesday and curtly said...

'PfR are no longer pursuing the Pannington Farm project'

Thank you all...

Without all the support - financial contributions large and small, blimp-flying, photography, leafletting, poster display, attendance of meetings, and most importantly the letters of objection - we could not have achieved this result. We have been supported in so many ways! Thank you so much and congratulations!

Best regards

Jenny mills


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