Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Beware - Distraction thefts – Ipswich

Warning from Suffolk Police
Following two incidents in Ipswich, Suffolk Police are issuing a warning for the public to be vigilant about distraction thefts especially in supermarket car parks in the run up to Christmas. 
The first took place on Friday 13 November around midday in the car park of Sainsbury’s supermarket, Warren Heath, Ipswich. A 73 year old lady was sitting in her car in the car park when a woman accompanied by a man knocked on her window asking for directions to London. The woman suspect then opened up a map in front of the victim. Whilst this was happening it is believed that the man stole credit cards from the victim’s purse. These cards were later used to withdraw £250 from a cashpoint. It is possible the victim was watched whilst using her card at the supermarket cashpoint and the PIN noted by the suspects. 

The second incident took place shortly afterwards at just after midday on Friday 13 November in the car park at Tesco supermarket, Copdock, near Ipswich. A 68 year old lady who was putting goods into her car was approached by a man and a woman. The woman asked for directions to Cambridge. As the victim got a map to assist her, the man opened the car door and removed three bank cards from her purse which was on the car seat. As the suspects left the car, the victim realised what had taken place and shouted at the man who dropped the cards and walked away. 

Police believe the suspects in each case to be the same. The woman suspect is described as being in her early twenties, wearing a belted jacket and trousers and had a darkish scarf on her head. The man is described as also in his early twenties with dark facial stubble and was wearing a beanie. Both are described as speaking with foreign, possibly East European, accents. 

Police are appealing for anybody who witnessed either incident or who has any information to contact Ipswich Police on 101, reference 14757/15 (Sainsbury’s car park) 14917/15 (Tesco car park).

It takes seconds to protect your valuables: 

Be vigilant when entering your PIN - make sure you cover the keypad on both chip and pin machines and at cash points every time you enter your PIN number 

Be aware of who is around you and make sure people stay a good distance away from you. 

Don’t let anyone distract you while you are using the cash machine or making a card payment. Cancel the transaction if you are worried. 

Be aware of who is around you and make sure people stay a good distance away from you. 

Keep your valuables secure - never leave them unattended, even for few moments. Keep your belongings tucked away safely in a zipped pocket or bag and use a purse chain if you have one. 

Report stolen cards - if you lose your wallet, report it to your bank immediately. 

Mobile phone tracking - if you have a smart phone install the app that helps you trace your device if it gets lost or stolen. Contact your service provider for details on what is available.

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