Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Refugee Crisis and the Dangerous Game we are in

The Government has announced that the UK will work with the UNHCR on a new initiative to resettle unaccompanied refugee children from Syria and the surrounding region.
Yes - it's that simple.
The crisis in Syria and events in the Middle East, North Africa and beyond has separated a large number of refugee children from their families. That is why they have asked the UNHCR to identify the exceptional cases where a child’s best interests are served by resettlement to the UK and help us to bring them here.
This builds on our commitment to resettle 20,000 Syrians during this Parliament, through the Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Programme, and our pledge of over £1.1 billion in humanitarian aid to Syria and neighbouring countries, making us the second largest bilateral donor after the US.
This is a measured and intelligent approach and the likes of Labourites and Corbynites who think we should just dive in to take unaccompanied children straight from Europe, are using emotional blackmail as their propaganda. 
Are the children alone in Syria, where the UHNCR will be able to identify the tailored needs of each one, any less deserving than those in Europe?  Absolutely not.  
So typical of Labour - had it been the other way round they would be moaning about that too.
And as for the word 'bunch' - well I'm sorry but I am losing sympathy fast for the grown men at Calais causing mayhem and misery - France being an equally civilised country as our own is not good enough for them - and the anarchists have taken over the asylum. Corbyn thinks he has found his USP - sorry Jeremy the country isn't with you there but you just carry on.
Quite frankly I'm disgusted by the left twitterati who spend more time on their backsides moaning on twitter about a bit of language rather than doing something useful. Most of us have already got a bucketful of stuff to worry about not least of all the infiltration of terrorists (and I bet there's quite a few of them at Calais so frustrated at not reaching our shores as easily as Merkel's now very new and unrecogniseable country). 
Now THAT is when language REALLY mattered - shouting her big mouth off about how many Germany were willing to take, in a kneejerk emotional outburst is going to cost her country dearly and the rest of Europe will follow. I will never forgive her and nor will all those wowen subjected to abuse, attacks and disrespect.
AND IT WAS SO OBVIOUS that terrorists were going to use that route in their thousands - except for the few and the Left who might be clever but logic goes out of the window when it is defending the EU and all it's horrible socialist experiments.
Country I implore you - VOTE OUT - if the EU doesn't collapse before then under the weight of it's own corrupt, poisonous and egotistical head. 

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