Friday, 26 February 2016

!0 Myths about leaving the EU

We are better off out - I have no doubt about that.

And I am becoming increasingly concerned about the Remain Fear Brigade who seem to think they have some divine superior knowledge about what is best for our country and who think they are so totally right. It's sheer arrogance!

Even a local Labour councillor - the not-so-nice Cllr Ross has taken to calling people who want to leave - Little Englanders - who do these people think they are?

(As an aside, the left are actually not-so-nice when it comes to you disagreeing with them - which is why they keep trying to highlight the differing views on EU within Tory party - totally hypocritical unless they want to tell me all Labour members are going to vote to remain - don't hold your breath).

So let me start by saying this - sorry to disappoint the all-knowing, all-patronising Remainers - there is no wrong or right - there is no way of truly knowing - there is no way to even find out after the deed, because we will never know how the alternative would've panned out.

There is only opinion, facts and myths alongside beliefs and individual values.

I found this - which reflects a lot of what I've blogged about in the past - the absolute myths, littered with facts that should help you to see - We can have our country back, still allow controlled immigration, still trade (as will be EU's legal requirement under the Lisbon treaty) and still create our own laws.

Here is the link for 10 Myths about Leaving the EU


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