Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I am becoming increasingly concerned about the hysteria surrounding, do I need to say....

From the disgusting sight of an 80 year old being assaulted, to the politicising from Mr Bean, sorry Ed Milliband, we have totally lost sight of our most fundamental right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty.

When people are brave enough to whistle blow on something they see as wrong, I am sure that they expect a dignified and measured response to their claims on this basis. Their resulting stress does not need to be compounded by blood sucking sanctimonious lefties who think this will bring the government down with the rest. Shameful behaviour that should be shunned by the rest of us.

It is almost as if the victims in this are being elbowed aside in order for a few more people to get their mugs in the news.

Cameron has answered well today and represents a people that wants to see passion in our PM whilst maintaining dignity and eloquence.

I think the title Nasty Party has found a new owner (or was it them all along).

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  1. What a fine piece of writing by Nadia summing up my frustration and describing it so well.
    Has the world one mad? Are we having some sort of Societal mental; break down?
    Economies are tumbling. The markets unsteady. There are starving in Africa. With all this world chaos we are in some hypnotised state about who David Cameron, on the facts he had at the time appointed as Communications Director.
    I despair.
    Innocent until proven guilty Nadia stated. Absolutely! Where has this lynch mob mentality come from? Attacking old men with foam pies in the fine institution of Parliament? We must be a laughing stock worldwide.
    This is purely about the rest of the media and opposition trying to portray themselves as whiter than white when clearly they are not. Enough! Let the investigation go ahead. May those accused AND FOUND GUILTY of hacking and blagging be severely punished. Let the government govern on the so very important issues we face and the media have a quiet lie down in a darkened room.

    An American observer commented we have the press we want in the UK because we love the salacious gossip it plates up for us. I say we got what we deserved and let’s CALMLY put it right