Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Thorington Windfarm Update on Labour Admin's refusal to support

I have been inundated with e-mails from residents about their fury over these proposed turbines..

Some are even more furious today at the comments made by councillor Sandy Martin in the local paper today. I quote;

“Before any approval is given by Babergh, PfR will have to demonstrate, via an Environmental Impact Assessment, that there will not be a significant impact on local residents.
“That is only right and, while we are confident there will be no significant effect, we are not part of the planning process.”
SIT campaigners hope that the proposals can be stopped before they reach the planning application stage.
SIT campaigner Peter Evans said: “We’d rather it not go that far. We feel there’s overwhelming evidence that it would be unbearable to people living there.
“We want Ipswich Borough Council to meet us as soon as possible so we can present our findings.”

Excuse me - 'No significant effect'?  is this for real?  And how are they measuring 'significant'? What has to happen for there to be significant? SIT can demonstrate what most normal people would call significant.

There is only one reason someone would say that - They have not listened to the evidence that was offered directly from the mouths of Kessingland residents that tells us everything we need to know about significant impact. Shame on his insensitivity.
Labour councillors are so busy trying to blame the previous administration, despite the fact that I have constantly said that we did not agree the actual site, only an in principal agreement for one to be built on a suitable site and (in capitals so that they might finally understand)


I make a promise right now to the residents of SW Ipswich (and of Belstead Village, Pinewood and Thorington)  that I will help them fight this every step of the way. 
And I hope the people of Ipswich, wherever they are, care enough about their neighbours to not allow a monstrosity of  2 x 130 meter high wind turbines to be only 400 meters or so from a house. Try thinking about that in your back garden.
A poll in the EADT is showing 67% Ipswich residents are against this so we know we have them on our side.
More to come. This blog will now be dedicated only to this subject until SIT are taken seriously by all necessary parties and if you want to sign a petition then get in touch.

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  1. And here is a letter sent to various councillors by a resident - all of them have ignored it

    "We will be 550 Metres from the first Wind Turbine being proposed for Thorrington Barn.

    I am appealing to you to stop this ridiculous project. From all the evidence mounting from the world, these proposed turbines should be more like 2KM away
    from properties due to noise and health issues.

    This development, should it get the green light will devastate our lives. (This is fact) !!! according to
    residents of Kessingland.

    The revenue you will get will be relatively small – the impact on our lives will be BIG and according to the full company accounts I have for PFR,
    they wouldn’t be around long enough to pay you anyway, ( £6 million trading loss – year 2010-2011) (£ 19m losses to date since starting)
    66% owned by venture capital ( not very environmental credentials )

    Please stop this NOW !!!!

    Ps – your comments about the noise from the A12/A14 are ridiculous. If you lived where we do you would very quickly realise that during the night the noise from roads stops. It is actually deathly silent from –about 02.00am until about 05.00 am.
    I think I am right in saying that the wind turbine operators guidelines would allow them to be more noisy at night. How silly !

    Very Concerned Belstead residents'