Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Watch this video about Wind Turbines


  1. Quite simply, Babergh are planning to erect these unnecessary and harmful monstrosities almost right next to homes in Ipswich - and our Borough Council is washing it's hands of the whole matter. None of the present administration live in the vicinity, none of them will have their views, their hearing and their property values blighted by this and none of them care about those who will.
    I hope the electorates of Stoke Park and Sprites are following this story ............

  2. Babergh aren't planning to do anything of the sort Stephen. Babergh are simply the planning authority and they will approve or reject on proper planning grounds.

    Of course if Ipswich Borough Council cared what their electorate said they would find a way out of the lease with PfR and kill this project stone dead. But when you consider none of the ruling Labour councillors will be effected, why should they care. They know people will vote for them anyway.

    The only people who could stop this project with any finality would be Sandy Martin (Milton Street), David Ellesmere (Warwick Road), and the rest of the IBC Executive. A very clear message needs to be delivered to them of the absolute opposition to these turbines by those living in South West Ipswich.

  3. Ben
    A number of senior Labour Councillors live in the South West - not heard much from Cllr West? So the Labour Cllrs understand the concerns of their residents.

    Also (and as Cllr Cenci was on the executive she should know) what would IBC have to pay the Turbine company in compensation(out of our council tax) if they tear up the lease?

  4. Councillor West does not live in the SW anymore, nor is he an IBC councillor since May. The people against this project in the SW need more from the labour councillors than stupid remarks like those shown in my previous blog, and more from you than just keep trying to defend yourself by blaming the previous administration. I have received many e-mails and its obvious they trust me to be on their side as I was the only one that sent out any literature highlighting the truth behind windfarms close to communities and I am the only one publicly declaring how against this I am as explained previously.
    RE the lease, I was not involved in any shape or form in the signing of the lease, or the details therein so I have no idea what it would cost, if anything. You are in administration so its up to all of you now to solve it. Of course if I can help in any shape or form I will do so as this is beyond party politics but first I want to see at least ONE of the labour councillors admit that this would indeed be a disaster and there WILL be disruption to peoples lives. If there's been a mistake then thats not what we should be focusing on. Lets now work to solving what really will be the most terrible project ever to happen to the SW in my 34 years living here.

  5. We are looking at the lease - the cost to all Council Tax payers in Ipswich might be very significiant - I am sure one of your executive must have looked at the details - with the cuts from Central Government, any extra spending has to be looked at in detail - if the figure we have to pay to the turbine is in 6 or 7 figures this will be an issue that now effects all Ipswich residents not just thsoe in the South west - and it was YOUR Executive who agreed to a lease with this company and would/should of checked the details of that agreement.

    1. Hi Alasdair - apologies for delay in publishing. i thought I had done it but it obviously failed.

  6. That's right, Nadia, this is the same "dRoss" making excuses who hadn't heard of the 2005 International Athletics Championships being awarded to London and then re-awarded to Helsinki because his Government tried to move them to Shefield. You would think a sports teacher at a fee-paying school would understand, or did he in particular inspire Ben's remarks last week?

  7. Facts
    Not a sports teacher!
    UK Govt decided that Pickets Lock was too expensive and decided not to go though with the bid, UK Athletics then attempted to move the Gmaes to the Don Valley at Sheffield but IAAF stated the winning bid had been London not UK so could not move.

  8. Someone made that fa ....... er ..... excuse up quickly for you. This time last month, you didn't know about the Championships being awarded to Britain in the first place.

  9. Dross' misleading bluster has a purpose: to make up for the fact that all of Labour's "frontline ward" councillors have entered a Trappist monastery. They won't even comment on this issue in sign language.

  10. This article should send a powerful message to those already or about to be blighted by onshore windfarms: The Labour administration at IBC has washed it's hands of the affair but Ministers are listening sympathetically and action may follow: