Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Latest from SIT on Windfarms and court actions

I have been collating the latest completed surveys from residents and in fact will be delivering further survey forms this week in the final areas of Stoke Park.

In the meantime Stop Ipswich Turbines latest e-mail is full of good news and gives me renewed hope that we are spending good time in fighting the Thorington proposal

Thanks to jenny, I quote here

I'm sure you saw or heard something of the news about the National Trust winning their case about wind turbines close to Lyveden New Bield. In case you didn't catch it all, here's a clip from the ITV news

Although it is not comparable to our situation, it is an implicit acknowledgement that there needs to be some restraint and consideration given to each local situation. The more important case for people like us is the Milton Keynes Council action, about setback distances and the right of a council to determine them. That still awaits a decision.

Here's a story that was carried in the EADT and the BBC about the transport issues at the construction phase. We have been told very little about this by PfR, except the route. I hope to have some more news on that soon.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-21711938Daily Mail Thursday 7th March - page 13. Incidentally this is a smaller turbine than those under consideration here.

Finally, to give us all a little encouragement, there are people in high places who share our point of view about appropriate siting of wind energy projects.

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