Sunday, 3 March 2013

Thorington Windfarm Survey 2

The following is the latest survey for residents in Stoke Park from Ben Gummer MP and myself.

After the last survey which showed a resounding 92% against the windfarm on Thorington, Ipswich, and the campaign by SIT (Stop Ipswich Turnbines), PfR responded by consulting with the public again showing new positions of the turbines.

Only one turbine will be on Ipswich land now and it is slightly further away from Stoke Park residents with the second turbine to be situated on Aldous land and now on the other side of the railway line about 400 mtrs further away from Ipswich.

What we do not want, is the survey results to become a moot point because of the new position so we feel that residents need to give their opinion once more.

Please do not think that because you responded last time, we do not need your input now - because we do. We need an up to date consultation response from the residents of Ipswich.

Feel free to print out the survey and respond. Do not worry about 6/3 deadline - we can hold off for a week or so until I have collated them all.

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