Friday, 17 May 2013

The Step by Step Guide to Leaving Europe - by David Bannerman MEP

Previous posts on my blog have seen me post comments on Europe myths and truths as expressed by Bannerman MEP in his book The Ultimate Plan B.

I met David a couple of years ago when he presented this discussion, in Ipswich, and also chatted more to him when I gave him a lift to Ipswich station. He is a credible, intelligent guy and had been speaking to us about the virtues of leaving Europe, which by definition will mean him losing his job! He was party chairman for UKIP for 7 years before returning to the conservatives in 2011 (he had previously served for 20 years with the Conservatives including as a special advisor on the Northern Ireland peace process)

Now if I'm going to fall down any side of an argument, when I am still undecided, it will be down the same side as those who are willing to speak the truth, even if it cuts off their own nose to spite their face. David is on the inside and knows a lot more then most people in this country or in Westminster.

David sent me an up to date version of his book recently and so I wanted to expand my posts to complement the previous ones and to share what he says about the practicalities of leaving, should we decide to in the referendum.

I will update my previous posts but in the meantime, I would like to summarise his chapter 3 - Why leaving is Easy.

I have spent many years undecided about Europe, going backwards and forwards depending on whose points of view I was listening to. It is not a decision to take lightly but I have finally made up my mind, mainly through an intuitive reason built on all the pieces of information I have gathered (& also some forgotten on a conscious level)over the years.. I am willing to see what David Cameron can do in Europe to allow us to take back our power and introduce caps on  immigration of European members, because it's only fair and honest that we should all have as many choices as possible in the debate leading up to the referendum. However if I am not happy with their concessions, I will be voting OUT.

So here are the steps:

1) The government to announce an immediate halt to implementation of new EU directives or enforcing new EU Regulations. Open negotiations for a UK/EU Free Trade Agreement with the EU and start the drafting of an ECA Repeal Bill

2) Repeal Bill introduced and passed by both houses to become the Repeal Act.
Continue to honour certain regional grants and other payments until the Special Independence Budget is announced. A draft EU/UK Free Trade Agreement would be produced and Deregulation committees established

3) The Trade Agreement would be presented for approval to UK Parliament and ratified. Withdraw representatives from the European Parliament and all financial contributions ceased.
Once free of EU, measures to be introduced to reassert control.

4) Establish key areas of co-operation in the new Trade Agreement with EU such as sea navigation, telecommunications, air safety, respect for property, intellectual rights, transition time-scales.
Following public consultation, the Deregulation committees would present ongoing legislation to Parliament which allows time for UK citizens to plan for the changes and this would be supported by Transition committees in each govt department. Funds normally dedicated to EU membership could be re-allocated to individuals and companies to aid the transition.

and I quote fully the last paragraph:
'Once this procedure is complete, Britain will have restored full sovereignty and total control over British laws to the British people and their representatives in Westminster. Moreover, the relationship with the EU would now be mutually beneficial as it will be based on friendly trade, not political control by remote, unaccountable EU bureaucracy.

Next time I will update previous posts and share with you some of teh EU regulation burden that we will be free of, if when we leave.

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  1. Now taking steps to bring DCB back next year: February - May.