Monday, 3 June 2013

Back on Track

It's been a while since my last blog post.

The gap is due to a well earned holiday in Cyprus plus I have spent the last week since my return, catching up on all the news from family, friends and colleagues.

Cyprus took us by surprise. We go to the same small place (Kapparis) every year and were expecting to see many closed restaurants, cessation of house building and some miserable faces.

Instead we were in for a lovely surprise. Our favourite restaurants were buzzing, our local pub The Kennedy now requires a reservation of tables because nearly every night there is some form of entertainment with good value for money food, and houses are continuing to be built on a large scale. In fact it was far busier, with British people, including young families as well as older retired people, than any previous year in May and for me this says something about our mindset and the economic confidence of the future of UK, (Cyprus is not cheap).

It set the scene for some reflection, beach rest, food and wine. We even managed a good win on the Bingo, which was very welcomed!

In conversations with the locals, we found them up-beat and happy. Although the sun shines constantly on this wonderful island, there is still much for them to worry about. The country is in a very vulnerable position despite the taking (stealing) of millions from people's bank accounts. Opinions in Cyprus vary widely on this, with some not having any sympathy at all, which I found rather concerning but put it down to young naivety, and others very angry - but I declined from getting into any heavy political debates. I was on holiday after all.

Since I've been back, I have been inundated with case work, which has taken precedence over much else, but with the tan fading, clothes washed and put away, I am back on track.

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