Thursday, 20 June 2013

Petition Success - But more to do!

Walking round my ward yesterday delivering my latest leaflet (below), I chatted to various residents who wanted to talk about the latest situation regarding bus route 16.

It was evident that they had a real community spirit about them, had rallied together to sign the petition resulting in 400 signatures as we speak, and are as determined as I am to do their bit.

Now for the latest news:

Ipswich Buses has changed it's mind and will now provide a reduced service from end of July, which consists of starting at 9.30am and finishing at 3pm.

There is an executive meeting next Tuesday by the Labour administration to decide options for funding the rest of the day, but also on only an hourly timetable.

I am still fighting for the residents to have, as a minimum, the service they have now, which is every half hour and is very busy. In fact many have said how much busier this route is, than others in the town that have no threat to the service.

I will be asking questions at the full council meeting next Wednesday for their decision to be made public.

So there is still more to do but thanks to the support of the residents and the resounding reply to the petition, we have made good progress. It has focused the mind of the decision makers and has also given me a greater insight into how much my older residents totally rely on a regular service to have any quality of life. I will continue this campaign.

The council meeting is at the Town Hall 26th June at 6pm, if you want to come along and listen to the answers to my questions.

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