Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Politics, The Games People Play and why I am proud of Ben Gummer

Every aspect of our lives has some political connection, be it rules and regulations or just the fact that funding seems to be the governor of all things.

It is obvious that when it comes to local and national politics, different parties will have a go at the others whether they are justified or not.

This week, in Ipswich, we saw some treachery at work and I suppose this is one of my biggest personal dislikes in this 'other' world I find myself in.

It is important to me in my political world to have honesty, authenticity and a desire to help my residents. I am not sure many people understand this because all they see are negative stories and media agendas on councillors and MPs alike. In Ipswich, conservatives have a worse deal with local papers and journalists who tend to be more Left leaning. Thank goodness for blogs.

I have always stated that there are good and bad councillors in all parties and that some Labour councillors have my utmost respect, even fondness. I want them to be happy, effective local champions who do good for the people in this town.

This week, I have witnessed one of our own activists who decided that writing a controversial blog was more important than loyalty, proving that he is not fit to be a councillor or a candidate. Whether people like it or not we have to stand together as a party. This person was an activist and does not really know what is going on behind the scenes. Any decisions we make are for the group only and just a part of that is released to our activists, although leaks do happen sometimes.

All of us will tell you that we need to stick together in order to bring about changes. However, when you are in opposition, there is still no real influence in council - but what we must do is bring accountability to those in power.

This is where I consider Tory behaviour to be different from Labour's, who tend to disagree with anything we might decide, do or believe in, just for the sake of it, whereas we offer occasions where we agree on a particular stance (especially if it's in our manifesto's) and other times when we are allowed a free vote. This does not make us 'shambolic' - it means we are more authentic. So I refute Ipswich Spy's comment that at council, when we voted differently in a council motion, that this was tantamount to being 'a shambles'. Far from it - especially as the motion, brought by Labour to make themselves look clever, is as ineffective as before the motion.

There has also been some talk about Councillor Stewart's effectiveness as a leader and I want to say something about that. In fact I wanted to support him before this, but held back in order to avoid stoking the fires of untruths.

You may know that we were up against each other for the position of group leader and that I refused deputy leadership (this was because I knew we would work in completely different ways and it would've been draining for both of us!)

I am a big picture person that gets straight into the action, makes quick decisions and is bold in my words and my deeds. I do not need to be liked and nor do I lack the confidence needed to do a good job.
Chris is more measured, enjoys fine detail and takes a cautious approach. This method needs more time before it can show itself to be effective.

Now whether the decision was right or wrong is irrelevant and Chris has my total loyalty, support and expertise right behind him. The group is working together to help him find his way and this includes being patient while he works out a solid way forward.

So to conclude on this, what might look like pear-shape from the outside, is actually a nice apple in the ripening, on the inside.

And for those who are not loyal to the people in our family, then they have the right to leave and join a void that is totally useless against the real enemy of our country - Socialism.

Last but not least is our shining star - Ben Gummer MP. Again Ipswich Spy are not looking at this in a logical way or from the eyes of Ipswich people. All those that meet Ben say the same thing 'I am so impressed' and I know that Ipswich people will vote for the best MP they have had for decades.

Ben works hard for Ipswich, is articulate, charming and has a great sense of humour. He can relate to anyone, at any level and is honest and tactful. I am so proud when I canvass with him by my side.

I held a 'Ben' house meeting this week, where Stoke Park residents could ask him anything they wanted, over wine and food. Every one of them concluded that he was knowledgeable, authentic and impressive.

If you get the chance to meet Ben at one of his house meetings or monthly Ben in the Pub events, then go see for yourself and tell me if you don't agree. Of course staunch Labourites are exempted from this challenge!

Have a great week...


  1. Nadia, I d know that Kevin has been a very loyal to the conservatives in the past and has done a lot of work for them.

  2. He is fiercely loyal to the conservatives and works extremely hard but I expect loyalty to his own 'colleagues'. Privately it's fine to have a go. Or perhaps I am just old fashioned.