Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Snippets from Ipswich Conservatives and lessons from Andy Murray

It's been over a week since I last blogged - it's been a very busy time, not just in politics but in my work too.

So I thought I would do some snippets of information to capture what we've been up to as a group.

Talking to residents is always a priority for me and I have been with Ben Gummer and other colleagues in Stoke Park and Sprites Wards to listen to their concerns. One of my main questions is 'How do you think Ben is doing?'

The answers are resoundingly positive, although I won't pretend that every single person is appreciative but on the whole the feedback has been excellent, with the main theme being 'He cares about Ipswich'.

They couldn't be more right. Ben puts our interests first and works as hard as he can to put us on the map and help individual residents.

Meet Ben yourself as there are various ways he is accessible.

Ben's blog is also very interesting if you want to catch up with latest news, locally and centrally.

One of the most recent meetings that Ben set up was with Justine Greening and the Bangladeshi community leaders. This was held at UCS at the Waterfront Ipswich and was a good hour long chat where Justine certainly left a brilliant impression with everyone. She was genuine, eloquent, savvy and delightful and took away some good ideas about bringing the cultures together as well as providing information about what is going on back at Westminster and globally.

As well as working closely with Ben, I have been busy with the petition to save bus route 16 and thanks to the residents this was a complete success and our valuable route will proceed with the current timetable - I will be reviewing in a few months time to ensure this continues.

I have been helping several residents with their benefits, council tax rebates and Job seekers allowance and find this the most rewarding of all because it can actually change lives for the better. One couple even walked round with a bunch of flowers for me to say a huge thankyou. Totally unnecessary but I appreciated it and it's good to be valued in this way, for a change!

I've attended several licensing sub committees and I've been left very proud of how our local police handle some problem areas such as street drinking, under-age sales and working with the licensing trade in general. We have led the way with new projects to make our streets safer and our licensing trades more responsible. Our best practice is being sought after in other parts of the country where we can show that partnership working is a winning formula.

Lastly, I allowed myself a complete day off on Sunday, enjoying the sun and watching a brilliant performance by Andy Murray. His attitude and peak mental as well as physical display is a lesson to everyone.

Have your dream
Love what you do
Work Hard
Have the right people around you
Learn from your mistakes
Give something back along the journey

I'm doing my best to have a Tory majority government in 2015 and have the ingredients above to play my part. Ipswich Conservatives are working hard to bring you the best local candidates and we are always looking for helpers.

If you would like to help either Ben or myself then please feel free to contact me via e-mail, twitter (@stokeparkcllr) or phone

Details of our team are here

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