Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Immigration IS the hot topic

I've been speaking to many residents over the last few weeks on what they are most concerned about locally and nationally.

Locally - it's an obvious one - the state of the traffic in Ipswich. No-one can deny how dreadful it's been over the last couple of years with all the road works, which hopefully are coming to an end soon. It's hell for residents going to and from their place of work.

But the top conversation nationally is Immigration - and who can blame us?

I'm sorry but I will never be convinced that this huge influx of people whether from Europe or outside of it has a net benefit effect on our country. It's a myth perpetrated by the Left with statistics to confuse and bamboozle, to cover up for the fact they failed big time in keeping immigration to a sensible level. We know that they purposely set out to increase the votes for them, by allowing this awful reckless open door policy.

I don't believe that our young don't want jobs in hotels, bars etc - of course they do and I know many of them are trying to do just that.

I don't believe that we wouldn't have had enough nurses in our NHS - of course we would have had! If we were ever in a position where we needed more nurses then we would have instigated a drive to recruit and give incentives, just like we have done in the past with public sector jobs.

It's ludicrous to suggest that we needed all these people when we haven't got enough houses, school places, or jobs. Our housing needs are virtually impossible to solve in the near future. Yes, there are benefits and yes I love the diversity but there is no doubt about it. Labour's open door policy has wrecked our country and I fear it is irreversible. Nearly every person I spoke to, whether a Labour voter or a Tory brought up concerns about immigration as one of their top 3 priorities. As their representative, I have to be their voice. But what power do I have? - None really except to join them in repeating that I feel the same.

And now what next - Romanians and Bulgarians that can claim as soon as they get here? Where Kent council is already planning 2 centres because they believe many Roma children will be dumped on the boats on the way here so that we have to look after them, at our expense, while they settle in and make their child benefit claims? They can only be planning this based on good intelligence - or will the Left say they are making it up?

Are we mad?!! This is why when we are so good and kind and thoughtful and generous and spend our money to help others, it is taken for granted and used against us for selfish ends by those who think we are mugs. They are not OUR children - what about OUR children? Let's spend the money on them.

This is why people are fed up with immigration - British people love to give but do not like to be taken advantage of. It hurts our sense of decency, fairness and good old British justice. And it will cause resentment, whether we think that's right or not. And if there is any sort of emotional unhappiness then that is a sign that things are not right. So obvious, but instead of listening to their side of things, the left bully and mock those who fear for their country.

Unless David Cameron can renegotiate in Europe, eliminating our need to take in anyone in the EU, irrespective of OUR needs, then I will be fighting for us to leave the EU as loud as I can.

And it will be as a Tory - we have achieved so much in such a short space of time and we are the only party that can be trusted to take immigration seriously alongside the economy.

Labour had their chance at both, and they failed us all

including their own children....


  1. Hi Nadia

    I have just read you post on immigration. May I say you have hit the nail firmly on the head. !!!

    I wish there were a few more people that would realise that it is not racist to want to protect our way of life, our culture, our tax pounds and our services. As you say schools, hospitals etc cannot cope.
    It has to be complete madness that for instance schools have to use their own budgets to pay for interpreters etc in class because kids cant speak English.
    Our kids then suffer and are helps back because of the slower pace of migrant kids that don’t understand

    It is a complete and utter myth that these migrants are benefitting our economy.

    My next door neighbour works as a picker at local farm. She used to be one of many English people who used to pick for them. She also happens to be a Guardian reading, Liberal voter, that used to have the opinion that everyone has a right to come to the UK.

    You can probably imagine that me being what she deems to be a capitalist, Tory voting, profiteering business owner, we often have some great chats over the garden gate.

    Well I can tell you, her view has completely changed now. She is now probably one of the only Local people still employed there. First she had to work with Kurds and Iraqis, Turks and now a mix of Romanians and Eastern Europeans as well.

    She tells me many stories that the migrants have told her. The main thread of the conversations is that the migrants are advised how much (or little) to earn, so that they will qualify for the maximum benefits etc etc. This is not a myth, this is fact. S they are not as some politicians say, paying taxes into our system. They are taking. They are also taking services from the day they arrive, having never paid anything in.
    One Romanian women even told my next door neighbour – “you Brits are stupid, you give away so much” because of this you must expect huge amount of migrants to come here.

    As an example of what happens in other EU countries, my mum and dad live half the year in Spain. They have to pay for everything. Doctors, hospital, dentist etc etc.
    If they visit the council office or hospital ,they have to take along their own interpreter

    You also make a valid point about low paid jobs. I remember in the not too distant past, when bar work, waiting tables etc was done by students to fund their degree courses etc. These jobs are now taken by migrants,.

    We need to wake up before it is too late -


    One very disgruntled local busness owner !!!

    1. Thankyou for your time taken in responding to this. It shows that we can;t just blame EU on how generous we are. The Guardianistas have a lot to answer for and the last Labour government has still not apologised for so many things including this one - one of the worst betrayals of our trust