Friday, 14 March 2014

The Unexpected - Snippets from the Week

First and foremost are the most important and poignant news from the week.

So shocked was I to hear of the sad death of Bob Crow that I was left open mouthed while I was driving. I loathed what he stood for but there was something to admire about this loud, brash, outspoken and passionate man.

I like people who say what they think, mean what they say and refuse to conform to what other people think should be the demeanour of someone in public life. I reckon he was great fun, warm, cuddly and will be sorely missed by many people.

Also sad, but not so shocking, is the passing of the great Tony Benn. Now, he was someone, not in my party, who I had time for. Another outspoken but eloquent man, who managed to sustain an air of graciousness throughout his career. I will leave others to write great tributes for him as i am not knowledgeable enough but my gut instinct was to like and admire him. The boy did good.

Now onto a real tragedy - the missing aeroplane that was travelling to China and appears to have been lost. I am truly surprised that with all our technology, this could still be baffling the experts a week after it took off. I've always had this sense that we could track anybody anywhere if we put enough resource but it appears that there are still improvements to be made. Of course, there is no blame here for the lack of information and by all accounts huge effort is being made to find these poor souls. I'm thinking of their relatives every day and hope they have an answer within the next few hours, not days or weeks. It is pain beyond our comprehension to be left in limbo.

Onto more happy notes, I believe we have 4 medals in the winter Paralympics. What an inspiration these athletes are! I am in awe of their bravery, courage, talent, dedication and physical strength, in the face of adversity. What fantastic human beings - an inspiration to us all. Well done so far, Team GB!

Interesting snippet from LGA and reported in the papers this week
MigrationWatch claims that research by UCL's Centre for Research overstated the likely tax revenues from migrants. It alleges that migrants have instead cost the Exchequer more than £140bn - or £22m a day - from 1995 to 2011. It's UK chief, Sir Andrew Green said: "This finally disposes of the immigration lobby's oft-repeated claims that immigration reduces our tax burden.”  Very interesting and in line with my own belief.

At a more local level - I have been spending time on casework that has meant my business has had only 10 hours of my time this week. But the unexpected was that I achieved more in that 10 hours than I would normally do in 20 because I was pushed for time. You know what they say, if you want something done, ask a busy person!

The barmiest compensation claims in recent times
Local authority solicitors are calling on the Government to pay for costly treatment and compensation for a child born with foetal alcohol syndrome after its mother drank excessively while pregnant. ??
Meanwhile a woman who was attacked by a seagull during her lunch break is suing the owner of the building where she worked for £30,000 in damages. Cathie Kelly said she stumbled and injured herself on the steps of the building as she tried to escape the "screaming" bird during her lunch break. ????

Of GREAT Importance:-

I thought Ed was barmy making that announcement - Thanks!

Have a great weekend all and lets see what next week brings.....

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