Saturday, 1 March 2014

While I've been away....

Lots of things have been going on while I've been away.

Being a councillor there is never a good time to take a holiday or work away - Whether it's trying to book outside of full council meetings, area committee meetings or important events, including of course Ipswich town home games (Don't ask a season ticket holder like me to miss any games for any reason whatsoever unless of course it's a matter of life or death!)

However the world survived without me and I have caught up with residents that contacted me, as my very first point of action - and it was lovely to hear them say that they guessed I was away as normally I respond almost immediately.

Going out to deliver my latest leaflet this morning (more on that later) it was lovely to be stopped by residents asking about various issues or just wanting to have a chat about things that are bugging them. The time I spend in the ward is by far more important than any meeting I could go to and it is here in Stoke Park that my true passion lies.

So let's start with a few snippets from neighbourhood watch information newsletters;

Vehicle security from the eyes of an offender
A prolific car crime offender was interviewed recently and the key message was highlighted by him -       

Do not to leave anything on view in a vehicle.  

He stated that he wouldn’t break in, if he couldn’t see anything.·         
Don’t leave sat nat holders, the ring on the windscreen or even the cigarette lighter out of its place as all of these indicated that there was a sat nav in the glove box. ·         
He would take anything out of a car – including black bags and sports bags.·         
He never carries tools with him for breaking into cars in case he gets stopped en-route by police, he would use something left lying around (a new thought provoking point in the fight against car crime).
Do you have issue with litter/dog fouling etc?
Ipswich Borough Council offer an effective service when areas of litter/dog fouling/graffiti on public areas are of concern to residents.
 Anthea PipeCommunity Watch & SNT Liaison Office,  Please report anything of this nature on Ipswich 433000. 
 I have personally used this service on numerous occasions and have found the response to be very fast, usually within the day.

Cannabis Factories
As you may have heard, in the local media, the largest ever cannabis factory in Suffolk was found at a property in Henley Road, Ipswich. Over 1500 cannabis plants were found within 13 rooms at the address, and two males were subsequently charged with the cultivation of cannabis and the abstraction of electricity.
There are some tell-tale signs which may indicate the presence of cannabis cultivation in your area, so please keep an eye (and nose) out:
• Lighting or ventilation equipment, which may be indicated by strong lighting day or night and constant noise from ventilation equipment.
• Covered up or blocked up windows.
• Comings and goings to a property at all times of the day.
• High levels of heat and condensation, which may be indicated by windows constantly misted up.
• Strong sickly smell given off by cannabis plants.
• Lots of power cables, which may be linked to lamp posts.
Traffic enforcement
Ipswich Central SNT have been doing some good work recently regarding traffic enforcement. 

Speed enforcement work has also been taking place recently and this will be continuing with Officers taking the speed gun out and about. Please contact us if you believe that there is a particular speeding location which could do with some attention. I have highlighted Annbrook road and Stoke Park Drive on several occasions. 

Be back soon on some of the bigger news stories that happened while I was away but for now - I have an important date with ITFC and a welcome cheer to make to our Birmingham guests. Fingers crossed...

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