Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wind Turbine Success for Ipswich Residents!

I'm pleased to report that councillors at Babergh agreed with the officers recommendations and refused permission for PfR to build a huge wind turbine on the site overlooking SW Ipswich at Pannington.

Despite the fact the many people support renewable energy, I think most would agree that the site needs to be appropriate. I love seeing them blowing majestically in the sea - but on land where the nearest house would be just a few hundred meters away it is not in the right context.

I attended the meeting in Hadleigh on behalf of my residents in StokePpark - the only Ipswich borough councillor to do so other than Andrew Caan who was there as an Ipswich Spy reporter alongside Ben.
They will report on this much better than I can, as they have filmed the whole meeting and will no doubt print a full report.

So to my residents in Stoke Park who voted overwhelmingly against this, in a survey from Ben Gummer MP and myself, and helped to change the outcome -


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