Thursday, 4 December 2014

The Most Stupid Comment of the week Award goes to:

.....Ken Livingstone - for this

The last sentence - In actual fact......? Oh, is it now?

In actual fact? - He's measured all of this has he? He has correlated all the things that happened 30 years ago to all the things that have happened today? I'd love to see how he has done this. Priceless.

I must admit - at first I was angry at this dreadful statement about a past Prime Minster who had to take over a dreadfully drab, awful, poor country being brought to it's knees by the unions. Especially as she is no longer here to defend herself. It's quite vile in my opinion.

He has no idea, like the rest of us what would've happened had she not come into power and put the unions in their place - but most of us can take a good guess.

Then I had a good chuckle - Socialists are masters at blaming anything that's remotely blue, anything and anyone but themselves. Where Tories see opportunities and look for solutions, socialists see only the problems and someone else to solve it for them.

My loathing of socialism is no big secret and I try to take away the politics from the person but Ken is just one of the most unlikeable left wing politicians in my time.

This is the real truth:

The Trouble with the Westminster Left is that they’ve never forgiven Margaret Thatcher for becoming the first female Prime Minister. They will never have that accolade and no-one can ever take it away from her. She didn't need feminism to bang on, on her behalf - she was formidable, passionate and one of the last who truly cared about the country and it's people, whether you agreed with her or not. And they hate this.

Her achievements are well recognised, her legacy a great one – she rescued this country and was one of the best Prime Ministers ever.

Message to Ken Livingstone – Mrs T has achieved more in the last year, since her death, than you ever will. Retire from talking and enjoy yourself...

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