Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Day has arrived - Vote for your Country

5 key points
1. The EU accounts for at least 50% of British laws (HoC Library). British lawmakers are elected, the EU’s key decision makers are not. 

Vote for democratic accountability, vote for better governance. 

2. Countless EU documents reveal the creation of a Federal European State to be a core EU objective.
Vote to protect your nation.

3. Over the past twelve months EU-migration has been equal to the population of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (ONS). 

Vote for controllable borders, vote to relieve pressure on public services, vote for higher wages, vote for greater security. 

4. The only way to guarantee that the UK will never adopt the Euro is to Leave the EU, Fact.

Vote to protect our currency.

5. The EU has a disastrous record at accessing global markets through trade deals. Only by leaving the EU can the UK re-establish meaningful ties with the rest of world, including the Commonwealth, and prosper as a result.

Vote for prosperity, vote for high employment, vote for a stronger Britain in global affairs. 
For more useful information and persuasive arguments, visit our Facts page, check out the many videos on our Facebook Page too.
Then there’s the simple question of voting. But even the simplest tasks can end up being neglected – we challenge you to tell us what is easier but also more meaningful than voting to save your country. Visit our how to vote page to make sure your vote counts.

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