Thursday, 30 June 2016

Brexit and Maybe

All the predictions of doom and gloom before the referendum and promises from both sides was often met by me confirming that nobody really knows what's best as it is merely opinion.

No, I don't always hold store with experts as much as some others. I think we should all ask for advice at times from people with knowledge but then use what we know to work it out for ourselves because I'm a great believer in intuition which is a culmination of knowledge, sub-conscious knowledge and gets right to the instinct of any issue.

But I was also reminded of this old tale which really tells us to stop saying 'See I told you so' because things change. This very morning re-iterates how even an hour is a long time in politics!

It's called Maybe  (and May maybe PM and maybe not!)

There’s an old Taoist story about a farmer whose prize mare runs away. “What bad luck”, the farmer’s neighbours commiserate, 
but he replies, “Maybe, maybe not.” 

The next day, the mare returns with a powerful stallion following behind. “What a fortunate man you are”, the neighbours say as the farmer and his son corral the two horses, but he is again philosophical. “Maybe, maybe not.” 

Later that day, the farmer’s son falls and breaks his leg while attempting to tame the wild stallion. “That really is rotten luck”, the neighbours tut, but (to their annoyance) the farmer replies, “Maybe, maybe not.” 

A few days later, military officials come to the village to conscript all the young men to fight at the front. All except the farmer’s son, who stays at home because of his broken leg. 

“You have to admit, that was incredibly lucky”, the bewildered neighbours say, shaking their heads at the farmer’s mysterious powers as he replies predictably…
Maybe, maybe not…

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