Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bannermans top 10 EU myths - myth no 3 and 4

The EU has a positive impact on the British economy

Fishing, farming, postal services, and manufacturing have already been devastated by the membership.

It costs us billions of pounds in unnecessary red tape, aid contributions and inflated consumer prices and we will lose more in the future when other directives come into play.

the EU has brought peace to the European Continent

Even now the membership is only 27 nations out of the 47 but even so to say that the EU is the sole guarantor of peace is an extreme exaggeration.

It is NATO, not the EU that has actually kept the peace in Europe, together with parliamentary democracy, both of which are being undermined by the EU. It was the interference and dithering of the EU that helped trigger a major war in Yugoslavia and the decisive action of US/NATO forces that stopped the violence.

More snippets from David Bannermans MEP, The Ultimate Plan B, to come

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  1. What rubbish on Yougoslavia - Bosnia was a mistake as we allowed the UN to take the lead and then we had leaders who took sides - the Germans and Thatcher with the Croats and the French with the Serbs. Other countries soldiers always had to check back with their own leaders before doing anything which led to mistakes by both the Dutch and the Canadians.

    Only sorted once NATO took over from UN

    Kosova was a success and that was mainly down to the leadership of Tony Blair with the help of NATO and the EU.

  2. You will have to take that up with David. From your comment though it does seem you are not completely disagreeing. It was intervention of NATO that sorted it. I certainly wouldn't not attribute any of it to Blair but you can if you want to! It was a success, we can both agree on that!

  3. I was there at the start of Kosova - lessons had been learnt from Bosnia and the Military leadership of General Jackson and political will of Tony Blair led the way with the key countries being EU - as France keeps out of NATO military operations.

  4. So the US and NATO along with UK led the way. I definitely think you are agreeing albeit with a wider view of involvement of EU.
    Isn't enough to make me change my mind that we need to take control back from Europe. Anything to say on the other myth in this posting?

  5. Maybe you should ask Ben Gummer to answer- does he agree with his members on their views on Europe?

  6. When the former Yugoslavia broke up, the EU was useless. The Russians got to Bosnia before alot of EU contries. If it was left to the EU we'd probably still be debating what to do now. Kosovo was a NATO operation and the EU was useless. If the EU had control of our military the only thing we could have done was sit on a mointless commitee in Brussels or Strasbourg.

  7. Ben knows my views on Europe and also others. We don't have to agree. Public is behind Cameron. We don't apply the 'comrades united' stuff, we are our own person. Even the unions can't agree!

  8. Kevin
    Suggest you check your facts- no Russians in Bosnia - UN were sent in (by Thatcher amongst others) on a mandate that left them sitting and watching people murdered. all changed when NATO (from Brussels) took over.

    Kosova was a well organised operation by NATO, EU and even the Russians.

    It was in Kosova where there was a race to the airport between the UK and Russia - not Bosnia

    But as you seem to be always right Kevin, I do not know why I am bothering to comment. i only spent a year of my life in Bosnia nd Kosova.

  9. I notice that dRoss misidenties the British PM during a war that lasted from April 1992 to December 1995. Is his memory suffering or something else?

  10. Thatcher was one of the biggest supporters of the Croats and very anti Serb. John Major and the Americans were not happy with her as she continued to make statements about the crisis in the early 90's. The article she wrote for the New York Times in August 1992 was one in particular that the Americans and Major thought hindered rather than helped get a solution to the crisis.
    It was Major and Hurd who sent the British in as part of UN deal. I should have checked to see that Thatcher had been given the boot.
    The Tory Party and Thatcher in particular continued to be anti-Serb