Monday, 19 December 2011

Politics and Social Media

For a few months now, I have tried to fairly use my time in the social media world so that I am fully participating whilst not being a slave to the Twitter and blog world.

It is all so addictive and I am not sure what it really achieves so this blog is dedicated to a little bit of research and a little experiment to see if I should continue doing the same, do less, start something else or dump it altogether.

The benefit of twitter to me is that I pick up the news, local or national, as soon as it is happening. I can see what the opposition is doing and I have some entertaining moments. But my aim was really to inform others and to be kept informed in a prompt way that saved time rather than added to my list of things to do.

So you big wide world out there, tell me what you would like to see your Councillors talking about, giving an opinion on, and also confirm, is it useful to YOU?!

I await all comments with excitement....


  1. I guess people are interested in what effects them or what effects the people they care about.

  2. Keep at it - there are another eight of DCB's myths;)