Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bannermans Top 10 myths on EU - Myth 2

IF WE DO leave, Britain will have to pay billions and implement regulations but without any say in them.

The reality is that we have very little say in the EU anyway, and Bannerman states that we would have more influence as an independent sovereign nation.

To quote, "Uk has only 8.4% of voting power and the Lisbon Treaty ensured the loss of Britsins veto in many more policy areas".

The Swiss and Norwegian examples show that Uk would achieve huge savings on EU contributions and still continue to have virtually free access to the EU Market.

Norway made a few changes in it's laws to enable its products to be eligible for EU Market.

In other words they have the benefits without paying the £48 million a day that we do!

And remembering that Uk exports to the rest of the world has been greater than exports to the EU since 2004' plus the fact we import more from EU than export to it, you know what I am going to say next! Yes

They need us more than we need them....

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