Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Are you a Tory? - Use my comparison chart

Tory Values                                                                     Labour values

  • Equal Opportunities                                                Equal outcomes (unless it’s themselves)
  • Hard Love                                                              Wrap in cotton wool
  • Live within means                                                   Splutter, cough, Que?
  • Choices                                                                  Let's make things easy for you                                                  
  • Empower                                                               Patronise
  • Survivor mindset                                                     Victim mindset
  • Low taxes                                                              Envy politics
  • Self responsibility                                                    Nanny will look after you
  • Responsibilities                                                       Rights  
  • Own your own home                                              Why?
  • Reward hard work                                                 See point 1
  • Encourage business                                                Pretend to encourage business
  • Eloquent, cool and posh                                          John Prescott, Gordon Brown, 
  • Unite - Pride in UK                                                Unite - (that union, isn't it?)
  • Entrepreneurs                                                         Unions, envy, sabotage
  • Good of the Whole policies                                     No policies
  • Policies                                                                   Bandwagons and soundbites
  • Punish and rehabilitate                                            See point 2
  • Fun with a serious intent (Boris)                              Comedians                                                                        
And one for the Liberals:
Genuinely Green!

I remember once when I started a new job as a credit control manager and had been given a 3 year target, which I smashed in the first year. One of the directors congratulated me but warned that I was 'working my way out of a job'.

This is how I feel about Labour. Their votes rely on them not doing their job properly, keeping people where they are now.


  1. Ah well, left wingers will just have to settle for being more intelligent http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2095549/Right-wingers-intelligent-left-wingers-says-controversial-study--conservative-politics-lead-people-racist.html rather than "eloquent, cool and posh" like the current Cabinet :-)

  2. Nadia, you seem to forget the other political opinion...