Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Latest on Thorington Windfarm proposals

Ben and I met up over the weekend to discuss the latest on Thorington wind turbines.

The picture shows us at the top of Bridgewater Road and if you look in the distance just past the telegraph pole, this is where the turbine will be seen, in all its glory.

The proposals have shifted the siting of the turbines a little and residents were able to discuss this with Ben Gummer during one of his regular 'Ben in the Pub' evenings at the Kingfisher last week. I was unable to attend as it was my mums 80th birthday and I had a surprise lined up.

SIT also send out regular newsletters and the following is an extract taken from their most recent.

If you are feeling just the slightest bit bored with the subject of wind turbines, look at the youtube clip of a moment in the final construction phase of the two turbines at Eye airfield!

Imagine that going along the little road to Belstead! 

Eye now has two 130 metre turbines standing, but not yet working. I'm told they are right by the A140, so if you have a chance drive to Eye - you can't miss them.
The developer there is Triodos, the same as at Kessingland.  

I will be consulting with residents again in the very near future but, in the meantime, if any of you want to contact me you can put comments below this post, tweet me on @stokeparkcllr (I'd like you to follow me and vice versa too) or e-mail me at


  1. Not clear if you are for/against wind power.

    1. Hi Joseph. I've made it very clear before now in private and public that I am totally against the wind farms and any turbines being near homes. Thanks for your question