Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Through The Tears - Buy my book for International Womens Day and Oxfam

Last night I went to a presentation by Oxfam in readiness for the launch of International Womens Day 8th March 2013.

We heard how Oxfam transforms lives across the world helping people, especially women and children to make something of their lives - this is an extract from their website

Oxfam is working towards a world where everyone has enough to eat and where women especially have the opportunity to earn a decent living.
Life is tough for millions of poor food producers, but the current economic crisis is hitting them particularly hard. And it's women that are worst affected. Many women work the land or are employed in informal, casual work, so when things go wrong, they're the first to lose their jobs and go without when household budgets shrink.

Lasting solutions to poverty

"Oxfam believes in giving a 'hand up' out of poverty rather than just a 'hand out'. 
...the story of farmer Leyla, her community and how with Oxfam's help they built an irrigations system for their crops and now harvests make enough money to put food on the table, build homes and send their children to school."

We were asked to promote the GET TOGETHER day on 8th March to raise funds so I am going to do 2 things.
1) I am going to promote the Get together day by tweeting, blogging and word of mouth
2) I am going to donate ALL profits from the sale of a book I co-wrote a few years ago, called Through The Tears which is about 2 friends, one that is suffering from domestic violence and one that is grieving over a lost relationship. 
We realised we were not going to make money out of the project but it was something we wanted to do as friends. It was fun, therapeutic and we did sell a few dozen!
It's been sitting gathering dust on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and so I have decided to resurrect it for the purpose of raising funds.
Anything made from now until 11th March 2013 will be sent to Oxfam. After that I will pick another worthy charity probably NSPCC

So 2 websites for you to look at. the first is the Oxfam site


and the second is where you can take a look at the book and then buy!


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