Monday, 25 February 2013

Ipswich Travel, Roadworks and all that Stuff sent to improve our Patience!

With thanks to Ipswich Central for sending me the e-mail with the following information for Ipswich residents;

Travel Ipswich Information 
With roadworks continuing across the town until 2014 there are a variety of sources which are regularly updated to provide information about what is happening, where and when. We will also use our twitter account @ipscentral to provide interim updates.

Information can be found in the following places:
  • A breakdown of the coming weeks works on the allaboutipswich Travel Ipswich page, updated every Friday.
  • provides an overview of the project and a breakdown of the areas that will be affected. 
  • allows you to search for Ipswich and view all current roadworks.
​If you have any enquiries about Travel Ipswich please contact Suffolk County Council directly at

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  1. The same clowns who closed the Princes Street roundabout six weeks ago but haven't opened any north-south crossings yet.