Monday, 28 April 2014

Margaret Thatcher and her stirring words to Falkland heroes

I've been out chatting to my residents today and I knocked on the door of one household which was answered by a gentleman with a strong Scottish accent.

I've learnt never to assume anything when it comes to people and elections so, after an initial chat, I asked him if he was going to support me in the upcoming local election.

He said 'Oh yes, I am - but my family were staunch labour and so was I until 1982'.

So I said 'Please tell me more'. He then proceeded to proudly narrate the story of his time serving his country and had set sail to the Falklands for War.

He told me about the address the great Margaret Thatcher gave to all of the men on board, who were about to fight for their country and it literally brought tears to my eyes. Her final words to them were:

'Remember, you have the country behind you, God behind you and I am right beside you.'

Such were the power of her words and the genuine way in which she spoke them that, he said, if she'd asked the men to defeat the Argentinians by lunchtime, they would've finished it by breakfast! And so with lumps in their throats they were energised and determined.

And that was the time he switched..

It was glorious listening to that story and several others - He had a few funny anecdotes about the day he received a medal from her and about the accompanying Michael Heseltine. He also said that when they returned victorious from the war, she would not leave the vessel until she had shook the hand and said thankyou to every single person on board, making her late for her next appointment.

These are the things we do not hear, these are the real people that met and learnt what a great, compassionate woman she was. This resident has loved her from that day onwards and it showed.

But there was more to come. Finally he said to me, 'You have a good reputation around here and we know you work hard. You can be assured that I will be going to vote for you'.

The whole thing just made my day and in fact his words spurred me on too. Thanks Mrs T!

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