Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Out and About with Vicky Ford MEP

I've made no secret of the fact that if there was a referendum tomorrow, I would vote to quit the EU.

However I much prefer the idea of trying to renegotiate to make the EU work for Britain before I decide to vote for such a momentous step. This is a complicated affair.

So I was delighted to see Vicky Ford MEP this morning and campaign with her in Stoke Park.
Vicky is always a pleasure to knock on doors with. Her positivity and energy is evident for all to see and she is patient at the door, happy to listen to their concerns and explain what the Conservatives are doing

We have a strong, united team in Brussels that ensures the best for Britain and they have already cut the EU budget, vetoed a fiscal treaty and kept us out of the Eurozone bailout.

We also have a long term plan to make sure immigration to Britain is controlled and manageable but we know we need to make changes in Europe if the people of Britain are to vote to remain in.

The referendum is a simple In or Out vote - and so we must give ourselves choices.

Below is the plan for change that only the Conservatives can deliver - UKIP want out without thinking of the consequences or the exit strategy, Labour are not going to give you a choice, or exit, Liberals have definitely nailed their EU colours to the mast.

That leaves us - which means YOU decide:

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