Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Left wing hysteria and their Poisonous agenda

Make no bones about this – I am deadly serious. If I do not speak out against the mob of nasty hysterical (faux hysterical?) dangerous left wing individuals and groups, I will not be doing my job, nor would I be using my blog for the right reasons.

Where do I start?

Imagine the hand, if you will, of socialism. The thumb has the word Victimhood stamped across it and it is pressing down on millions of people. This is how I see the Labour party and their associates. From Union Leaders to some on the Twitterati, (who jump in gangs onto anyone who disagrees with them with their nasty narrative in order to bully) and from local labour councils who love nothing more than to keep people in their place with nothing to offer but policies that ensure national policy fails.

Now imagine the hand of Conservatives – Hope, empowerment, hard love, fairness and positivity.
I know which world I belong to.

There are many examples of the Left wanting to keep the language negative, to make people feel bad about themselves and to stir up a whole load of trouble but I will use yesterday as an example.

With total predictability, and after more good news about the economy, I already knew that within hours of the media release of said good news, up would pop the subject of foodbanks. I tweeted that this was boring. I meant and I think it was quite obvious to the not-so-hysterical that the timings of bringing up the subject of foodbanks was boring.

Many of my left wing followers/ees did not join in but that’s because they’re grown up and know how to disagree with respect. Usually the spite comes from a complete stranger that has seen my tweet from a certain labour councillor who retweets my stuff. 

Anyway I digress - It’s as if every bit of good news has to be buried under old news but it serves only one purpose. Why? Because they don’t really want to debate it, they don’t want you to scrutinise what they say is happening, they want you to just agree with them, that it is a ‘national crisis’ and ‘shameful’ and woe betide you if you disagree or can see through their motives.

I don’t remember them ever mentioning foodbanks when Labour were in power or that their usage then was going up ten-fold.. Do you? How convenient for them now, then they wonder why some of us are appalled at their narrative. Why not discuss how stringent it really is to get access, (you only have to google to find out that it isn’t as stringent as they make out) or who are the people using them and can they get monetary help elsewhere, are the figures correct or is it a smaller number of people using them more than once? 

Having to go to a foodbank does not correlate with poverty – The majority is down to benefits being suspended or a delay in receiving welfare, so these are short term positions and does not equal poverty. All of us at some point have had a short term financial crisis but we wouldn’t call ourselves poor! But again it suits the left agenda to ignore any mitigating facts and call it a national shame and them spit venom at you when you question it. Only 20% of users are down to low income so please let’s not use foodbanks as a tool for measuring poverty.

I was told yesterday that it was insensitive to call the subject of foodbanks boring. That isn’t what I said – so I repeat – It is the Left wing agenda of bringing it up, without any real solutions or proper discussion, that is boring. But overnight I realised I was being kind. It is actually poisonous.

Why is it poisonous? Good news like the fact that wages are now rising faster than cost of living, isn’t saying ‘oh great, everything is wonderful now’. It’s saying that we are going in the right direction. I remember when my salary (as a single parent) started to be more than my outgoings. It didn’t mean I felt the benefits straight away but what it did do was put a big smile on my face and give me peace of mind, because it meant I could start clearing the backlog and save again, or spend some money on non-essentials.

The Left want to take away the joy of living – it’s as simple as that. They don’t want you to have hope or joy. It will mean you might be happy with the coalition government and they cannot bear the thought of them being re-elected. You might even start feeling a bit confident – heaven help you then. They’ll soon knock that out of you. Or you might start spreading the feel-good factor and spend more. Oh my word, that would be disastrous for the Left. They are hating every minute of this upturn, and almost rub their hands with glee when figures like foodbanks are wheeled back out again. They talk about money more than any other group and think happiness can only depend on its availability. They are obsessed with money forgetting that being 'rich' is much more than that, no, in fact probably nothing to do with money. They suck your happiness juices right out of your body and then pretend they care.

My cynicism goes even further. I believe there are some charities that are enjoying just a little too much fame and hero status in all of this. I am starting to think they are losing their way and slipping dangerously into ‘PR means more business, means we survive longer’ – yet another left wing agenda akin to turkeys not voting for Christmas. 

I also believe that the more they are talked about, the more people will seek them out, thereby self perpetuation and increase in usage. That’s pretty obvious too although it wouldn’t account for all of the increase.

Labour and their partners in crime have no solutions but they’re determined to keep you down, under their thumb. They remind me of a jealous and inadequate partner who recognises that if you start feeling good and attractive, you might leave them. They will be quick to keep you away from others who might influence you whilst feeding you with negativity so that you don’t get too confident.
Labour have nothing to offer this country – They disgust me along with union leaders who use their members as pawns to fit their agenda. They are poison and the symptoms are clear to see. The only anecdote is to continue with a government that believes in people, knows and understands economics and how we all fit the agenda of confidence, positivity and, initially, some tough decisions that hurt.

And if you think this post is about foodbanks then read it again. I just used it as an example of how this hysteria needs stopping in it's track if we are to be a country of survivors, not long term victims who shrivel up under the thumb of Left wing pressure. 

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